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The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit


Everything You Need to Successfully Launch Process Improvement Training

*This Rollout Kit is included with Black Belt Training & Certification

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Ready to bring Lean Six Sigma Training into your organization?

Excellent! But where do you start?

Figuring out how to successfully rollout Lean Six Sigma Training can be a huge challenge. If your goal is to empower your teams to begin working together to solve problems and…

  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize profits
  • Create happier customers

… then you may be asking questions like:

  • Where do I start?
  • What are best practices I should know about to help ensure my efforts are successful?
  • What are the tools and applications I should use?

Answers to these questions and more are inside our Rollout Kit.

What is the Rollout Kit?

Our Rollout Kit simplifies and shares best practices from over 25 years of successfully rolling out Lean Six Sigma Training at leading organizations of every size in every industry. Purchase the Rollout Kit today and we’ll walk you through the components of a successful Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout step-by-step.

You’ll get an easy to follow guide that includes strategy, timeline and tools to help you plan your own successful continuous improvement effort easily, efficiently and effectively.

What’s inside the Rollout Kit?

  • Guide for Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit: A PDF guide overviewing the Rollout roadmap and the templates and resources included in the Rollout Kit.
  • Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit Templates: 10+ templates exclusive to the Rollout Kit including:
    • Lean Six Sigma Candidate Assessment
    • Lean Six Sigma Candidate Selection Matrix
    • Lean Six Sigma Rollout Calendar
    • Project Pipeline
    • Project Review Assessment Tool
    • Proof-of-Concept Project Selection Tool
    • Certification Parameters Panel
    • Black Belt Candidate Dashboard
    • Black Belt Project Storyboard Template
    • Black Belt Tollgate Checklist
    • Green Belt Candidate Dashboard
    • Green Belt Project Storyboard Template
    • Green Belt Tollgate Checklist
  • The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Template Toolkit: 100+ of our standard templates, tools and examples. – $49 value

How to Rollout Lean Six Sigma Training in 14 Steps

How to Rollout Lean Six Sigma Training -

Start your training effort out on the right path: Purchase and download The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit today.

The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit is included complimentarily with:

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