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Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit -

How to Deploy Lean Six Sigma

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the components of a successful Lean Six Sigma training deployment. You'll get the strategy, timeline and tools you need to train your teams and build a culture of Continuous Improvement. For over 25 years, we’ve helped organizations from every industry achieve their goals…

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Goal Statement Builder

What is the Goal Statement Builder? The Goal Statement Builder Template provides an easy way to build a proper Goal Statement for an improvement project. The template requests the units, the measure, the baseline, target and projected timeline for improvement. Once completed this statement can be inserted into the Project…

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Matching X & Y Measures

What are Matching X & Y Measures? Matching X & Y Measures is a template that illustrates which input and process "X" measures impact the "Y" or output measure. This helps when determining what data to collect to uncover the critical "X" Measures. This is related to the equation: Y…

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Project Scope -

Project Scope (aka Scope)

  What is a Project Scope? The Project Scope has two basic components. The most important is the beginning and end of the process being addressed - the "Start" and "Stop" points - which is most often outlined in the SIPOC. The second part of the project scope addresses what's…

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Team Alignment Diagnostic

What is a Team Alignment Diagnostic? The Team Alignment Diagnostic is a template that guides a process improvement team in assessing how well they are working toward their purpose. The process is to assess team dynamics and then look to goals, roles and procedures to find the root cause of any…

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Process Voices

  What are Process Voices? Process Voices captures the four distinct "voices" for any given process. The Voice of the Business reflects the needs of management. The Voice of the Employee relays what it feels like to work within the process. The Voice of the Customer details the needs of…

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Spaghetti Map

  What is a Spaghetti Map? The Spaghetti Map allows users to document the setup of any work area with the goal of mapping the movement of individuals during the completion of a specific process. This template enables the documentation of the movement, the distance travelled as well as the…

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Action Plan

  What is an Action Plan? An Action Plan is a simple way of tracking the "who," "what" and "when" of tasks and decisions involved in supporting any project, implementation or initiative. The Action Plan enables a group to document who has been assigned to do each task and when…

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