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This all-new course for 2024 is the culmination of data-driven enhancements designed to empower you with the wisdom of Lean Six Sigma in a profound and practical manner.

In a world where time is of the essence, we understand the importance of efficiency. Our optimized Green Belt course is a testament to this understanding, enabling you to achieve your certification eight times faster than before.

Our new course introduces you to the Kona Klinic: a healthcare case study where you’ll learn in a fun, immersive, relatable and engaging environment designed to bring the principles of Lean Six Sigma to life. Our unique, innovative approach ensures that your learning journey is not just informative but truly transformative and applicable to your daily work.

Register today and you’ll be able to use the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process to solve complex problems by:


Module 1: Introduction
(30 minutes)

In this Module, you’ll have an overview this course and take a deeper dive into solving problems using facts and data. You’ll walk through each step and incorporate the most efficient and effective way to complete your project.

Module 2: Define Phase
(45 minutes)

In the Define Phase, you’ll be defining exactly what your project is and build the Project Charter. You’ll begin with the end in mind and think about precisely what you want the outcome to be.

Module 3: Measure Phase
(45 minutes)
The focus of the Measure Phase is to more fully understand our process and quantify its performance. By the end of this Module, you’ll be able to develop an As-Is Map, design a Data Collection Plan, and collect Baseline Data.
Module 4: Analyze Phase
(45 minutes)
In the Analyze Phase, you’ll apply your understanding of your process to identify what is causing the problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll dig into that information to find clues to problem causes.
Module 5: Improve Phase
(45 minutes)
After confirming the root cause(s), you’ll need to determine what to do about them. In the Improve Phase, you’ll develop feasible solutions, implement them, revise your Process Map, and verify that your actions are working.
Module 6: Control Phase
(30 minutes)
In the Control Phase, you’ll ensure that you have sufficient control of the changed process so the wins you’ve earned are maintained. You’ll also prepare to wrap the project by identifying other opportunities discovered and make an orderly handoff to the Process Owner.


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