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Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere -

Lean Six Sigma Is Everywhere

Do you ever walk into a store and know at a glance where to find what you need? Do you notice that seemingly long lines can often move really quickly? Do you find yourself wondering why things don't go horribly wrong more often? Lean Six Sigma is at work! Mistake-proofing,…

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Event: Instant Impact 2018 Conference -

Event: Instant Impact 2018 Conference is excited to announce that we will be a sponsor at the 5th annual Instant Impact 2018 Conference by PMI Olympia this year! Instant Impact 2018, Project Management Institute's fifth annual development event, will happen on Thursday, October 25, 2018 at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, Washington. Attendees can expand their…

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Eliminating 20M Pounds of Food Waste With LeanPath

Since 2004, LeanPath has offered the world's first automated food waste tracking technology, led by CEO and co-found Andrew Shakman. With many foodservice providers primarily managing risk, operators are worried they will run out of food, order too much, not have enough, and simply concerned over food safety. Having initially…

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Lean Coaching Summit: A Forum For Building Lean Leaders -

Lean Coaching Summit: A Forum for Building Lean Leaders

Lean Frontiers and the Lean Enterprise Institute collaboratively hosted the Lean Coaching Summit in Seattle, WA this July. The event was intimate enough to make you feel like you’d met everyone but big enough to connect you to the Lean community. Attendees included: Coaches for; Executives, Management, Organizations, Lean/Problem Solving/Continuous…

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