Webinars: Concepts & Tools

How do you describe the value of Lean Six Sigma projects? They are more tangible than receivables so clarifying their worth helps organizations plan for growth.This webinar will discuss a proven strategy to create predictable cash flow from Lean Six Sigma projects. It will demonstrate how to build a project
 Join us for a 1-hour webinar as we walk you through the steps of creating a “Money Machine” within your organization. Webinar Level Introductory Agenda The Challenge: Accelerating quality and savings The Current Situation: Challenges of Lean Six Sigma in government vs business A Solution: Lean Six Sigma Project
 Improving a process takes time and organization, but what if your project path was laid out for you? What if all the templates and examples were at your fingertips so you could focus your efforts on collecting data and digging to root cause? That's the secret of the Project

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