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Grand Daddy Of Quality - Armand Feigenbaum -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Armand Feigenbaum

Do you have a hidden factory? Do you know employees who always have time to do it over but never time to get it right? Did you know organizations waste up to 40% of their capacity this way? Well, raise a glass to the quality guru who championed the capture…

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5 Facts Executives Need To Know About Lean Six Sigma -

5 Facts Executives Need to Know About Lean Six Sigma

Business leaders may be aware of Continuous Improvement efforts, but they may not understand exactly how it could impact their organization. Most Lean Six Sigma blogs address the “What” of Lean Six Sigma, but it’s critical to discuss the “Why” behind it—leaders and executives deserve a better understanding of the…

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Solve Problems Faster By Focusing On Your People -

Solve Problems Faster by Focusing on Your People

Last week, I hosted an extravagant dinner party for the most important people and processes in my life. The seating chart was far and away the most complicated part of the preparation—On one side I had all the people over the past 20 years of my process career who told…

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Grand Daddy Of Quality - Noriaki Kano -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Dr. Noriaki Kano

Did you know Dr. Kano was a student of Dr. Ishikawa? Did you know Dr. Kano was still with us? Does he know everyone still uses the Kano Model? Would that be a delighter for Dr. Kano? Inquiring minds want to know! This November marks Noriaki Kano’s 79th birthday (we’re…

Read More Announces Partnership With Facebook is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Facebook! We are excited to offer all Facebook employees substantial discounts on all of our Training & Certification courses. The multinational social media company joins a long list of companies from a broad spectrum of industries who have trusted us in…

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Build A Better Storyboard By Connecting The Dots -

Build a Better Storyboard by Connecting the Dots

Lean Six Sigma solves problems by applying tools through a specific process—DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). This process is not simply a way of organizing the work, but a way to connect the use of the tools to achieve successful results. I call this “connecting the dots” and…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How can you get executives to really understand the true value is beyond just measuring or focusing on Hard Dollar savings?

Working in the banking industry, how can you get executives to really understand the true value is beyond just measuring or focusing on hard dollar? We are counting time savings but that always turns into a conversation on how we can reduce head count. It’s very important that head count is not a goal of…
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