Champions Workshop

Learning Objectives

After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the foundational principles of continuous improvement, waste reduction and data-based decision making in support of operational excellence
  • Explain the direct link between the goals of process improvement, decreased costs, better working conditions and improved outcomes
  • Apply basic Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts to a process
  • Identify the characteristics of a process improvement culture
  • Report the kinds of waste that exist in the organization
  • Discuss the core metrics and drivers of organizational success
  • Outline improvement opportunities and prepare project charters
  • Evaluate the strengths and weakness of potential team leaders
  • Summarize their roles as champions of change

Workshop Description

Time Frame: 2-Day Workshop

The workshop begins with FastPitch, a shared process experience, which exposes participants to the leaps in process performance possible when applying basic tools to a simulated business process.  Participants build project charters, listen to customers, engage in process walks, create process maps, read basic data displays, remove waste, run pilots and conduct rapid improvement events.

Using the experiential event as a foundation, executive sponsors focus on the parallel opportunities to reduce waste within each business unit or department. Sponsors work together to assess what is necessary to build a process improvement culture, identify waste, outline process improvement opportunities and then assign team leaders to each project.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Report of facilitated session including follow-up actions related to building a Lean Six Sigma culture, a list of organizational wastes identified by area, etc.
  • A pipeline of potential projects by area and position
  • A prioritized set of draft project charters to be used during the Green Belt training workshops and beyond

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Overview of Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • FastPitch: Business Simulation and Hands-on DMAIC
  • Identifying parallels to current business practices

Day 2

  • Creating a Culture of Process Improvement for the Organization
  • Creating a vision and identifying gaps
  • Identifying measures of success and goals
  • Leading Change
  • Clarifying key attributes for Sponsors, Team Leads and Team members
  • Overcoming pitfalls and working with Customers and Stakeholders
  • Identifying Improvement Opportunities
  • Establishing the big picture – Value Stream Maps
  • Identifying waste in key areas
  • Developing process improvement opportunities
  • Project Selection and Scoping Process
  • Drafting prioritized project charters

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