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FastPitch, a one-day interactive introduction to Lean Six Sigma, is a business game used by Fortune 1000 companies around the world to lay the groundwork towards hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenue, decreased costs and improved collaboration.

FastPitch Overview

The Advantage of Being There

Employees who succeed with process improvement generate the same kind of excitement and accomplishment as the team who wins the relay race. But how do you convince your employees that fixing processes will be as intensely rewarding as competitive sports? As the saying goes, “I guess you had to be there.” Educating employees by telling them the benefits of process improvement only gets you so far – your people truly need to “be there.” Give employees a shared process improvement experience where they can apply Lean Six Sigma tools and get immediate results in a single day.

Lean Six Sigma in Action

FastPitch exposes participants to the exciting leaps in process performance possible when applying basic Lean Six Sigma tools to a sample business process. Participants build charters, listen to customers, engage in process walks, create process maps, read basic data displays, remove waste, run testing cycles and conduct rapid improvement events. When the dust clears, the entire class will have taken a familiar business process from the starting gun, around the track and across the finish line. FastPitch provides interactive education on basic continuous improvement tools while at the same time generating vital awareness and momentum for your operational excellence efforts.

Breaking the Habit

Just as they paved over cow paths to create the streets of Boston – when it comes to problem solving, we tend do what we’ve always done and “follow the cow paths.” In order to combat the “neural nets” of habitual thinking that occur when employees consider how to fix their own processes, FastPitch creates a shared process experience outside of the their familiar workaday world. It takes them to Hollywood. By bringing their learning into movie production, your staff departs from business as usual, and can more clearly see improvement tools and concepts in action. Instead of a room full of experts who are clear on “the way we’ve always done things,” they are suddenly able to see processes through the eyes of beginners. Removing waste and seizing opportunities become immediately obvious and compelling. Making the connection to fixing entrenched organizational issues is the natural next step.

Inside the Studio

During the workshop, each participant takes on a role in a process that doesn’t work as well as it should. Producers submit “movie pitches” to FastPitch Studio for backing. Participants work in separate departments to propose budgets before producers are able to go elsewhere with their hit movies. On the flip side, if they don’t accurately process the movie pitches, they could end up green-lighting “turkeys” – or movies that result in a financial loss.

Pursuit of Perfection

During multiple rounds, participants use Lean Six Sigma tools to overcome familiar issues such as lack of customer focus, redundant process steps, excess cycle time, rework loops and the communication issues inherent in a growing business that has developed into separate silos. Participants experience familiar process issues but they are free to pave new roads to solutions. By the end of the day, participants have experienced success. They are energized, prepared to expand their continuous improvement knowledge base and ready to apply the Lean Six Sigma tool set to their own process issues.

FastPitch Agenda

The day revolves around layering rounds of running FastPitch operations with education about the Lean Six Sigma tools and then hands-on application of those tools in order to meet the customer expectations.

FastPitch takes the shared process experience and brings it to Hollywood. Producers submit “movie pitches” to FastPitch for backing. Participants work in separate departments to propose budgets before producers go elsewhere with hit movies.

  1. Introductions
  2. SIMULATION ROUND 1: Summer Season
    • “As-Is” Process Experience
  3. Overview of Lean Six Sigma
    • Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ)
    • What Is Lean Six Sigma?
    • The 8 Wastes
    • DMAIC Model
  4. Define Phase:
    • Voice Of the Customer
    • Project Charter
    • High-level Mapping: SIPOC
  5. Measure Phase:
    • Measurement
    • Operational Definitions
    • Data Display From ROUND 1
  6. Analyze Phase:
    • Process Analysis
    • Detailed Mapping
    • Value Analysis
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Quick Wins
  7. SIMULATION ROUND 2: Holiday Season
  8. Improve Phase:
    • 5S and Workplace Organization
    • Single Piece Flow vs. Batching
    • Parallel Processing
    • Concept of Cell Design
    • Kanban
    • Water Beetle
    • Standard Work
  9. Control Phase:
    • Monitoring and Response Plan
    • Visual Management
    • Data Display From ROUND 2
    • Process Redesign
  10. SIMULATION ROUND 3: Oscar Season
    • Data Display From Round 3
  11. Next Steps
    • FastPitch and the Real World
    • Opportunities in the Workplace and Next Steps

Tools & Concepts Covered:

The day revolves around layering rounds of running FastPitch operations with education about the Lean Six Sigma tools and then hands-on application of those tools in order to meet the customer expectations.

FastPitch Applications

FastPitch has been successfully applied in a variety of business settings, as a cost effective way to quickly engage and expose hundreds of employees to the benefits of making work life easier and more rewarding. The information below describes several of the most popular uses. We are happy to provide assistance in determining the best way to ensure that FastPitch is positioned in the way that best meets your organizational needs.

2-Day Champion/Management Training

Use FastPitch as the centerpiece of an operations improvement planning session. On Day 1, educate leaders in the 5-step DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) method of Lean Six Sigma and demonstrate its power in improving organizational processes. On Day 2, discuss key strategic opportunities within the business, while focusing on their roles as project supporters and how they can enable process change. The outcome of the session is a prioritized list of potential improvement projects and leaders positioned to drive operational excellence.

1-Day Overview as Day 1 of Black Belt and Green Belt Training

FastPitch provides the big picture of process improvement for new Black Belts and Green Belts (project team leaders) before they jump into the details of Lean Six Sigma. Team leaders experience the tools and techniques, learn an improvement model from start to finish and build their enthusiasm for the power of this new way of problem solving. FastPitch is positioned as Day One of Green/Black Belt training providing participants with a common reference for Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts as they learn to apply them to their own projects. We are available to help you determine how best to align FastPitch to your existing Black Belt and Green Belt training or we can provide you with a fully integrated program.

1-Day Lean Six Sigma Overview for all Employees

Create a new language for continuous improvement by implementing FastPitch training across the business. Exposing employees to the power of Lean Six Sigma builds critical, mass knowledge that drives the culture change needed for improvement solutions to stick. Potential project team members learn the 5-step DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) method of process improvement and how to work as a team to achieve their goals. The one-day session encourages employees to take a leadership role in identifying opportunities for process improvement. After learning about the key tools and concepts that give Lean Six Sigma its power, participants are better able to take on assignments and think outside the box about how to fix problems. Employees leave ready to assist management and new project leaders in reaching your organization’s strategic objectives.


Many companies have integrated FastPitch into their foundational training for managers and project teams. To meet their needs we’ve created a Train-the-trainer program to bring the necessary skills in house. We begin by developing your internal session leaders as assistant trainers who are able to support the FastPitch sessions and provide Lean Six Sigma coaching to the session participants. Once they become confident and skilled, we transition them to become Lead Facilitators.


Many organizations who integrate FastPitch into their foundational training have found it beneficial to license the materials for longer-term use. We have licensing options that can be determined based on the organizations specific requirements and intended uses.

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