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Our Vision

A global community of problem-solving superhero customers and partners who love working together to improve our workplaces, communities and the world

Our Mission

Revolutionize the way people learn process improvement – making it easy for everyone everywhere to build their problem-solving muscles’s Core Values
Cultivating Community

We create an inclusive and positive space where people around the world connect with each other to learn and grow.

Servant’s Heart

At our core we are here to be of service to others as guides and teachers to encourage people’s success.

Trailblazing Spirit

We have the courage to challenge and inspire each other to create a constant state of awesomeness.

Partner with us and we’ll make it easier for you to improve your organization by teaching you how to become a better problem-solver. You’ll create happier customers, increase profits, decrease costs and improve collaboration between your teams.

In an effort to improve economies and workforces all over the world, we’ve made it our mission to share our success using Lean and Six Sigma with you.

We understand that truly effective training is not only practical, but also accessible and enjoyable. All of our courses are developed on the foundation of decades of success helping leading organizations such as Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Charles Schwab, Comcast, Disney, Target and Starwood Hotels & Resorts satisfy customers and save hundreds of millions of dollars using Lean and Six Sigma.

By maximizing technology to deliver our courses online in a self-paced format, we’re able to save your organization valuable resources including work interruptions and travel expenses – allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you – serving your customers.

We’re grateful for our tremendous experience and success, as it has enabled us to understand what Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools are required for successful projects. We’ve integrated these learnings with our highly engaging training, coaching and consulting skills to develop streamlined online courses – saving our clients time and resources.

How We’re Helping You Improve Our World

We’ve applied Lean Six Sigma to Lean and Six Sigma training.

Our world-class curriculum, engaging storyline and fun examples maximize knowledge transfer and buy-in, enabling learners to apply Lean and Six Sigma even before they complete our courses.

We’re excited to offer you the highest-rated Online Lean and Six Sigma Training & Certifications available at affordable prices. We currently offer:

Who We Are is a Lean, web-based company with team members all over the U.S.. Because we’re web-based and truly practice what we teach, we’re highly efficient and we’re able to offer you historically expensive, complex training and certification at affordable prices with excellent service.

We’re honored to be able to extend the costs we save from streamlining our own organization to you.

Our Team

Karlo Tanjuakio -

Karlo Tanjuakio
Managing Partner & CEO

Sion Lee
Managing Partner & CTO

Craig Tickel -

Craig Tickel
Senior Consultant

Carol Knight-Wallace
Senior Consultant

Colleen Kindler
Senior Consultant

Pamela Schmidt-Cavaliero -

Pamela Schmidt-Cavaliero
Senior Consultant

Bill Eureka -

Bill Eureka
Senior Consultant

Carolyn Talasek -

Carolyn Talasek
Senior Consultant

Clare DiFrisco -

Clare DiFrisco
Senior Consultant

Ed Vasko
Senior Consultant

Susan Tighe -

Susan Tighe
Senior Consultant

Julius Pecson
Operations Director

Anna Comia -

Anna Comia
Client Experience Manager

Kelvin Tanjuakio -

Kelvin Tanjuakio
Client Experience Manager

Advisory Board

Kevin Hanegan -

Kevin Hanegan
Vice President, Knowledge and Learning at Qlik

Bill Zerter -

Bill Zerter
Retired, Previously Senior Vice President, Finance & Global Education, John Wiley & Sons