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Get Free Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training for Teams

Our Lean Six Sigma training is easy to understand and 100% on-demand online.

Team Roles of Lean Six Sigma -

Create a Foundation for Lean Six Sigma

Our Lean Six Sigma courses standardize knowledge across your organization and creates a solid foundation for Lean Six Sigma projects.

100+ Lean Six Sigma Templates

Our Lean Six Sigma templates make it easier for your teams to apply what they learn and complete successful projects.

Engage All Your Teams

Your teams will get their Lean Six Sigma Training at Bahama Bistro, an immersive, fun learning environment that engages learners at every level of your organization.

I had my entire team gain their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt through them and the content made sense to everyone – from those with little to no experience with Six Sigma and to those who were experienced. The interactive videos and training allow users to learn the material at their own pace and then to practically apply the information learned.

Jamie Whited (ADP) -’s courses have put our teams on the right continuous improvement path. I had a lot of fun working on my project and their templates made the process so much easier and enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to upcoming projects.

Ken Sheriff - does a great job explaining Lean in an easy to follow format – and that’s not an easy task. It’s what got me interested in their courses. The customer service they provide have exceeded my expectations.

Scott Lamon -