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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification will enable you to easily complete successful projects by building your problem-solving muscles.

This engaging course draws on 25 years of success helping the world’s leading organizations create happier customers and save millions of dollars.

  • Prerequisite: None
  • $699 (includes Training & Certification)
  • 32 hours, self-paced, completely online, 1 year of access
  • Accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Globally recognized (32 PDUs / 4 CEUs)

Green Belt Training will enable you to:

  • Select the right projects
  • Define the problem that needs to be solved
  • Measure the current problem and baseline the process
  • Analyze the process and identify the cause of the problem
  • Improve the process by implementing and verifying the best solution
  • Control the new process by maintaining the solution

Green Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam: 130 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)
  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Membership to our Green Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn

$84 in bonus content for FREE!

Easily apply Lean Six Sigma with these FREE resources included in our Green Belt course:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification -

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starting at 5 learners.
Learn more about benefits for Teams.

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You'll Love Learning With Us

Absolutely impressed by the training course! Never seen anything like it. Bravo for creating a way of learning that's both comprehensive and enjoyable at the same time!

I must say, I truly have not seen any other education provider with this type of service. I'm very impressed by how you've designed the training outline and content that had subcategories for expounding on methods with just the right pace for learning professionals (not too slow that it gets uninteresting, not too fast that it gets overwhelming). I love the situational examples and interactive opportunities that really kept me engaged! Even the quirks of Bahama Bistro and staff was a nice touch (pleasant humor kept things light yet progressive).

Really looking forward to Black Belt and other courses with you guys! I love!

Testimonial: Emma Austria -

I was certified as a Green Belt through another organization about 2 years ago. The training was 100% onsite in-person training.’s online training course was far superior and covered more areas than the onsite. I am looking forward to moving on towards my Black Belt now and having our teams go through the Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training.

Dale Dean -’s FastPitch simulation helped us kick off our effort with a bang. Combining the online Green Belt Training with remote coaching allowed us to target a cleanliness project in one of our buildings. The project allowed employees to better understand how their performance was being measured and, in turn, to focus on areas that had the most impact on their performance.

By the end we managed to standardize processes, reduce supply costs, and significantly improve our member experience. provided solid support and our improvement efforts are rapidly expanding. Overall amazing experience!’s courses have put our teams on the right continuous improvement path. I had a lot of fun working on my project and their templates made the process so much easier and enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to upcoming projects.

Ken Sheriff - does a great job explaining Lean and Six Sigma in an easy to follow format – and that’s not an easy task. It’s what got me interested in their courses. The customer service they provide have exceeded my expectations. The Voice of the Customer is alive and well at

Scott Lamon -

Each Lean Six Sigma project resulted in decreasing steps in a process, improving quality to customer satisfaction, and saved resources.

Jennifer Traufler -

The web-based training from gives a lot of flexibility in terms of when you can take the courses and exams.

The previous training we went through was a week-long boot camp and there was no commitment to do any project afterwards. A week-long spent in class was too much class time and exhausting. Hence, we walked away with some knowledge but that knowledge didn’t quite stick since we didn’t apply the learning anywhere.

The second approach (with was a training where we were applying the tools to a real project which solidified learning much better.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Green Belt course and believe it to be comprehensive and very easy to use.

We have found the resources and templates particularly valuable as we build our team and establish standard work for our projects.

Register today and you'll learn how to solve problems and improve processes using Lean Six Sigma – in any industry or function.

Who Benefits From Lean Six Sigma? -

Join the Process Improvement Team at Bahama Bistro!

In Green Belt Training, you’ll play interactive games and get plenty of relatable examples that will help ensure you can complete successful Lean Six Sigma projects that solve your organization’s problems.

Green Belt Course Timing Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the course and estimated time required to complete each section. You may complete the course at your own pace within 1 year.

No pre-requisites are required for the Green Belt Training.

Description: Time:
Introduction Define Lean Six Sigma and where it came from, the 8 Wastes, the Roles of Lean Six Sigma and how to effectively select projects 2 hours
Define Define the problem, the process and the customer 5 hours
Measure Measure and baseline the current process 6 hours
Analyze Identify the root causes of problems and waste within the process 7 hours
Improve Implement and verify solutions to address root causes 5 hours
Control Maintain the gains 3 hours
Exam Separated into 6 sections 4 hours
Total Estimated Time to Complete 32 hours

Green Belt Course Learning Objectives:

After completing Green Belt Training you will be able to:

  • Define what Lean Six Sigma is, where it came from and why organizations benefit from it
  • List and describe the Lean Six Sigma Roles
  • List and define each of the 8 Wastes
  • Describe how to find and select a worthwhile Lean Six Sigma Project
  • Summarize the Lean Six Sigma Improvement method known as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve
  • and Control)
  • Describe how to create a project charter, gather the voice of the customer and build a high-level map of the process
  • Describe how to select measures, plan for data collection and collect baseline data about a process
  • Describe how to conduct process analysis, conduct data analysis and then brainstorm and validate root causes of process problems
  • Describe how to craft, filter and determine solutions to process problems and then mitigate the risks of process change
  • Describe how to create monitoring plans, develop response plans and document the project

Easily Build Your Problem-Solving Muscles’s Green Belt course is an intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable online course that quickly and effectively builds your process improvement and project management skills using clear language and plenty of fun examples.

Our streamlined approach to learning covers a comprehensive body of knowledge in a fraction of the time and cost of other providers.

Join Professionals from Leading Organizations

Join professionals from leading organizations and register for the highest rated, most practical and easy to understand Green Belt Training & Certification available.

For decades, we’ve saved organizations in virtually every industry hundreds of millions of dollars. This course draws on what our Experts practice every day in the field to provide you with the most effective way to learn and implement Lean Six Sigma.

Improvements to Green Belt Training for 2017

  • New content, tools and techniques covered in each DMAIC Phase to build even bigger problem-solving muscles
  • Added guidance for completing a successful improvement project during online training to promote practical application of Green Belt concepts and tools
  • Expanded Bahama Bistro case study with new examples and guidance for each Phase of DMAIC
  • New and upgraded templates that are even easier to use with examples of how to use each one
  • Enhanced Q&A with detailed feedback – learn from your mistakes and improve your subject matter recall
  • New tests for comprehension at the conclusion of each DMAIC Phase to ensure understanding of content and retention of knowledge
  • Just-In-Time exam option: Choose to take exam segments at the conclusion of each Phase to reinforce most recent learnings, improve recall and promote retention
  • New and upgraded graphics and animation
  • New comprehensive index lets you quickly locate any term, tool or template
  • Better jokes, tastier food and more fun at Bahama Bistro!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Outline

The following concepts and tools are covered in Green Belt Training. Download the PDF of the Green Belt Training Index here:

Green Belt Table of Contents (3.1 / 2017)

Introduction Phase

Green Belt Online Training Introduction  1.1
  Step: Overview of Lean Six Sigma 2.1
What Is Lean Six Sigma? 2.3
Where Did Lean Six Sigma Come From? 2.6
Why Do Organizations Use Lean Six Sigma? 2.7
Cost of Poor Quality 2.10
Connect With the Customer 2.12
Reduce Variation 2.13
Focus on the Process 2.14
Quantify the Dollar Impact 2.15
Engage the People 2.16
Step: 8 Wastes (DOWNTIME) – Template Available 3.1
Defects 3.8
Overproduction 3.8
Waiting 3.8
Non-Utilized Talent 3.8
Transportation 3.8
Inventory 3.8
Motion 3.8
Extra-Processing 3.8
Step: Lean Six Sigma Roles 4.1
White Belt 4.4
Yellow Belt 4.5
Green Belt 4.6
Black Belt 4.7
Master Black Belt 4.8
Champion 4.9
Team Roles and Project Roles – Template Available 4.10
Step: DMAIC Overview 5.1
Project Types 5.3
DMAIC Methodology 5.5
Step: Project Selection 6.1
Project Selection Guidelines – Template Available 6.1
Introduction Phase Conclusion 7.1
Challenges 7.5
Green Belt Project Journey 7.6
Introduction 7.7
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 7.8
Deliverables 7.9


Define Phase

Define the Problem, the Process and the Customer

Define Phase Introduction 1.1
Step: Create the Project Charter – Template Available 2.1
Business Case 2.5
Problem Statement 2.7
Goal Statement – Template Available 2.10
Scope – Template Available 2.13
Step: Interpret the Voice of the Customer 3.1
Module: Kano Analysis 3.17
Module: Affinity Analysis 3.23
Module: Tree Diagram 3.27
Module: VOC Translation Matrix – Template Available 3.32
Step: Understand the Current State 4.1
Module: Process Walk (Gemba Walk) – Template Available 4.6
Module: Organizational Level Process Map 4.20
Module: SIPOC – Template Available 4.24
Module: Value Stream Map – Template Available 4.30
Module: Swimlane Map – Template Available 4.36
Module: Spaghetti Map – Template Available 4.40
Step: Develop Project Communication 5.1
Module: Communication Plan – Template Available 5.3
Module: A3 – Template Available 5.9
Module: Stakeholder Analysis – Template Available 5.15
Relationship Map – Template Available 5.19
Module: Meeting Productivity 5.31
Meeting Roles – Template Available 5.35
Ground Rules 5.36
The RACI Matrix – Template Available 5.40
Team Dynamics – The Alignment Model – Template Available 5.43
Plus/Delta 5.46
Define Phase Conclusion 6.1
Challenges 6.5
Green Belt Project Journey 6.6
Steps and Tools Recap 6.7
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 6.8
Deliverables 6.9


Measure Phase

Measure and Baseline the Problem

  Measure Phase Introduction 1.1
Step: Select Measures 2.1
Value Stream Definitions 2.8
Measuring Customer Demand (Takt Time) 2.13
Data Types 2.20
Continuous and Discrete Measures 2.21
Efficiency & Effectiveness – Template Available 2.26
Step: Plan for Data Collection 3.1
Data Collection Plan – Template Available 3.4
Module: Operational Definitions – Template Available 3.9
Module: Stratification 3.18
Module: Check Sheets – Template Available 3.22
Standard Event Occurrence Check Sheets 3.25
Classification Check Sheet 3.27
Frequency Plot Check Sheet 3.28
Traveller Check Sheet 3.29
Confirmation Check Sheet or Checklist 3.30
Concentration Diagram Check Sheet 3.31
Module: Sampling 3.36
Module: Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) 3.53
Step: Collect Baseline Data 4.1
Defects Per Unit (DPU) 4.7
Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) 4.9
Sigma 4.11
Percent Defective 4.17
Final Yield 4.19
Rolled Throughput Yield 4.20
Measure Phase Conclusion 5.3
Challenges 5.7
Green Belt Project Journey 5.8
Steps and Tools Recap 5.9
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 5.10
Deliverables 5.11


Analyze Phase

Identify the Root Causes of Problems and Waste Within the Process

Analyze Phase Introduction 1.1
Step: Conduct Process Analysis 2.1
Rework Loops 2.4
Redundancies 2.6
Bottlenecks 2.9
Inspections & Decisions 2.10
Handoffs 2.12
Module: Value Analysis 2.17
Value-Added Flow Analysis – Template Available 2.13
Module: Value Stream Map (VSM) Analysis – Template Available 2.26
Step: Conduct Data Analysis 3.1
Module: Histogram 3.4
Module: Pie and Bar Charts 3.18
Module: Pareto Chart 3.21
Module: Run Chart 3.26
Module: Box Plot 3.33
Step: Brainstorm Root Causes 4.1
Module: Affinity Analysis 4.3
Module: The Five Whys & The Fishbone Diagram 4.7
Fishbone Diagram – Template Available 4.9
5 Whys – Template Available 4.13
Step: Develop Root Cause Hypothesis 5.1
Root Cause Hypothesis – Template Available 5.6
Step: Validate Root Cause Hypothesis 6.1
Verification by Observation 6.4
Verification by Listening 6.5
Confirming Hypotheses With Data 6.6
Logical Cause Testing 6.15
Hypothesis Testing Tools 6.16
Scatter Plot 6.17
Step: Analyze Phase Conclusion 7.1
Challenges 7.5
Green Belt Project Journey 7.6
Steps and Tools Recap 7.7
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 7.8
Deliverables 7.9


Improve Phase

Implement and Verify Solutions to Address Root Cause

  Improve Phase Introduction 1.1
Step: Craft Solutions 2.1
Module: Team Member Review 2.3
Module: Brainstorm Solutions 2.6
Analogy 2.12
Anti-Solution 2.13
Brain-Writing 2.14
Channeling 2.15
Module: Lean Improvement Principles 2.18
Module: Single-Piece Flow & Batch Reduction 2.26
Module: Changeover Reduction 2.33
Module: Work Cell Design 2.45
Module: Workload Balancing & Demand Leveling 2.56
Module: Cross-Training & Parallel Processing Template Available 2.61
Module: Kanban & Supermarkets 2.68
Module: Standard Work 2.85
Module: Visual Management & 5S – Template Available 2.93
1: Sort 2.101
2: Set In Order 2.105
3: Shine 2.109
4: Standardize 2.111
5: Sustain 2.114
Module: Future State Map 2.119
Step: Filter Solutions 3.1
Module: Impact Effort Matrix – Template Available 3.4
Module: Weighted Criteria Matrix – Template Available 3.10
Step: Conduct Risk Management 4.1
Module: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) – Template Available 4.4
Module: Mistake-Proofing (Poka Yoke) 4.22
Step: Determine Solution Approach 5.1
Module: Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen) 5.5
Module: Pilot the Solution – Template Available 5.10
Module: Multi-Phase Implementation 5.16
Module: Full Scale Rollout 5.21
Improve Phase Conclusion 6.1
Challenges 6.8
Green Belt Project Journey 6.9
Steps and Tools Recap 6.10
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 6.11
Improve Phase 6.12


Control Phase

Maintain the Gains

  Control Phase Introduction 1.1
Step: Create Monitoring Plans – Template Available 2.1
Module: Control Charts 2.11
Step: Develop Response Plans – Template Available 3.1
  Step: Document the Project 4.1
Project Storyboard – Template Available 4.4
Executive Summary – Template Available 4.6
New Procedure Audit – Template Available 4.12
Step: Pursue Perfection 5.1
Innovation Transfer – Template Available 5.3
Control Phase Conclusion 6.1
Challenges 6.5
Green Belt Project Journey 6.6
Steps and Tools Recap 6.7
Tollgate Checklist – Template Available 6.8
Deliverables 6.9
Overview of Black Belt Training & Certification 7.4

We guarantee your satisfaction, or you can request a full refund within 30 days.*

We know you’ll love our courses as much as we do. Although if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and the course has not been completed), please email [email protected] to request a refund within 30 days of your course purchase.

For individual (single license) purchases, if it is within 30 days and the course has not been completed, we offer a full refund. For group purchases, licenses can be exchanged for other courses. For example, Green Belt licenses can be exchanged for Yellow Belt licenses. Refunds are not available for group purchases.

*Course must not be completed.

Elisabeth Swan -

Elisabeth Swan

Elisabeth is a Managing Partner at For over 25 years, she’s helped leading organizations like Amazon, Charles Schwab and Starwood Hotels & Resorts build problem-solving muscles with Lean Six Sigma to achieve their goals.

Tracy O'Rourke -

Tracy O’Rourke

Tracy is a Managing Partner at She is also a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Instructor at UC San Diego and teaches in San Diego State University’s Lean Enterprise Program. For almost 20 years, she has helped leading organizations like Washington State, Charles Schwab and GE build problem-solving muscles.

Why should I pick over any other online training program or provider?

Here are 3 key factors that set us apart from any other provider:

  • Our courses are developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants, trainers and coaches who have helped organizations like Amazon, Charles Schwab, BP, Starwood Hotels & Resorts – and other leading organizations – save hundreds of millions of dollars with Lean Six Sigma.
  • Our body of knowledge is also highly practical and extensive. Our teaching approach focuses on practical application, not simply “knowing about the concepts and tools” – so our learners are able to begin applying Lean Six Sigma right away.
  • Our courses are easy to use and enjoyable, making learning much more effective.

This is what sets us apart from other providers. We have the highest rated courses available. You can visit the Clients Page on our website where we provide a full list of organizations we’ve helped and a list of accredited institutions who offer our courses.

Which Lean Six Sigma Training should I get? Yellow Belt or Green Belt?

To help you determine which course is right for you, please visit our Lean and Six Sigma Course Comparison page. We clearly break down the courses by your goal, content, duration and price.

The course we recommend is based on your goal. If your goal is to become a Green Belt or Black Belt, you can start with the Green Belt course right away since White Belt and Yellow Belt content is covered in this course. If your goal is to only become a Green Belt, then you can take the Green Belt course.

Are there any prerequisites required for Green Belt Training?

No. There are no prerequisites required for the Green Belt course.

Is there a project requirement for Green Belt Training & Certification?

There is no project requirement if you register for the Green Belt Training & Certification course through our site. This is because we walk you step-by-step through an interactive, practical example of a Lean Six Sigma project within it.

How long will Training take to complete?

Green Belt Training will take approximately 32 hours (4 days) to complete.

How long do I have access to Training?

Green Belt Training is accessible for one year after registration.

Can I access the Training via mobile device or tablet?

Yes! All of our courses are fully compatible with your tablets and mobile phones. This includes iOS, Android and Windows devices that support HTML5.

Is there a small compact guide for Lean Six Sigma?

Yes, we have an eBook titled The Problem Solver’s Toolkit that is available to purchase here.

Do you offer Group Pricing Discounts on Training & Certification?

Yes. Please contact us for information.

Do you offer Government, Student/Educational or Nonprofit Organization discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts to government, educational and nonprofit organizations. Please contact us for information.

Do I have to pay again if I do not pass the Certification exam?

No, you do not have to pay again. We allow unlimited, immediate re-takes.

How long is Certification valid for?

Forever. Once you receive your Certification, you do not need to renew it.

How long is the Certification exam?

The Green Belt Certification exam is 130 questions and must be completed in 4 hours.

How many times can I take the Certification exam?

As many as needed! You have unlimited re-takes until your course access expires (one year after your registration date).

Is there a sample Green Belt exam?

Yes, the sample Green Belt exam can be found here: Green Belt Sample Exam

View the complete Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification FAQ here.


We’ve simplified Lean Six Sigma to make process improvement easier – while still covering a comprehensive body of knowledge.


Enjoy learning in an engaging environment with plenty of games and examples that helps ensure effective knowledge transfer.


Save time by learning how to use the most valuable Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools and begin improving right away!

Updated for 2017

We’re always improving our courses with the latest best practices our experts learn in the field and feedback from our clients.

Globally Recognized

We’re trusted by the world’s leading organizations, governments and educational institutions.

Highest Rated

Our learners love our courses and consistently give us 5 star reviews! Read their glowing reviews here.

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 945 reviews

Good training overall. Was impressed with the breadth of the course and I feel I have walked away with some good applicable tools. My biggest mistake was taking the entire Yellow Belt training course prior to purchasing the Green Belt. Yellow Belt slides were interspersed in a way that made it impossible to not redo them entirely. I recommend this course!

Quick and interactive

very detailed, but long lessons, I wish it would have shorter lessons.

Great training!

solid comprehensive training with real life examples stressed

Perfect training for when your available time is limited. You are completely flexible when to complete the modules.

Great course. Excellent examples used throughout to explain the DMAIC methodology!

I wish I had done this years ago. Great practical method of using a scientific process thinking to improve our day to day thinking. I am suggesting other co-workers complete this. The training content and examples are easy to relate to, understand and apply.

Very practical overview training for project managers working in a lean 6 sigma environment!

Good training!

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