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Belt Levels of Lean Six Sigma -

Process improvement can be challenging, but if the right people with the right Lean Six Sigma skills are involved, then significant and sustainable change can be achieved. Here are the belt levels in Lean Six Sigma. Which role will you play?

White Belt

Yellow Belt

  • Understands basic Lean Six Sigma concepts
  • Reports process issues to Green Belts and Black Belts
  • Participates on project teams and receives just-in-time training
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Green Belt

  • Starts and manages Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Has Lean Six Sigma expertise but in less detail than Black Belts
  • Provides just-in-time training to others
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Black Belt

  • Can report to a Master Black Belt
  • Has advanced Lean Six Sigma expertise
  • Functions as a coach, mentor, teacher, and project leader for project teams
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Master Black Belt

  • Works with leaders to identify gaps and select projects
  • Coaches, mentors, teaches, monitors and leads projects
  • Responsible for Lean Six Sigma implementation and culture change


  • Executive leader who drives the initiative
  • Helps select projects and remove barriers for project teams
  • Supports change and develops a Lean Six Sigma culture
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Which Role Will You Play?

Now that you understand the responsibilities of each role, are you ready to join your process improvement team and help solve your organization’s problems?

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