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Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC

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Are you ready to take your Lean Six Sigma skills to the next level? Check out our Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC® – a printable, easy to use reference for coaching others to success with Lean Six Sigma.

The Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC draws on 25+ years of success coaching people to achieve their goals using Lean Six Sigma.

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The Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC is FREE for Black Belts. Purchase this guide today and get the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC for free!

What is the Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC?

  • A print-ready overview of how to guide all practitioners through DMAIC
  • A list of common issues encountered during each phase of DMAIC
  • A targeted list of coaching questions to guide all practitioners through each DMAIC Phase
  • A list of challenges for encountered during each Phase of DMAIC
  • A Tollgate Checklist of action items and deliverables for each DMAIC Phase
  • Recommended templates to support all DMAIC Phase deliverables

Who should use the Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC?

  • Advanced Green Belts
  • Master Black Belts
  • Black Belts
  • Internal and External Lean Six Sigma Resources

Why should you use the Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC?

  • To make the most of’s Online Training Courses
  • To strengthen your own coaching and leadership skills
  • To better help the work area, department, business unit or organization to realize their potential
  • To build the “problem-solving muscle” of others to create a dynamic culture of problem solvers

How do I use the Go-Getters Guide to Coaching DMAIC?

  • Plan out a structured DMAIC journey for DMAIC practitioners
  • Make use of the Learner Dashboard to track and guide learners through the DMAIC Tollgates
  • Recommend the appropriate templates, tools and activities for each DMAIC Phase
  • Use the questions and checklists to guide learners beyond barriers and through to successful completion of their Lean Six Sigma Projects

*Unfortunately, there are no refunds available for support tools (templates, guides and glossaries).

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