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Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC -

Are you ready to begin your Lean Six Sigma project? Check out our Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC – a printable, easy to use reference for completing successful Lean Six Sigma projects. If you’re registered for our Green Belt Training & Certification, you can download it for FREE after logging in.

To download your Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC after registering for Green Belt Training & Certification:

  1. Login here
  2. Select the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification course
  3. Click the Documents tab
  4. Download the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC PDF

What is the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC?

  • A print-ready overview of the DMAIC Phases and the Steps within each Phase
  • Challenges common in each Phase and tools & templates to help you overcome them
  • Best Practices for each Phase to help ensure your projects go smoothly
  • Tollgate Checklists for each Phase to help ensure you’re on the right track

Why should you use the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC?

  • Quickly review what it takes to complete each Phase of DMAIC at a glance
  • Easily understand which tools & templates to use and when to use them
  • Streamline projects using tips that make improvement easier and faster

How do I use the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC?

  • Plan a high-level approach for each DMAIC Phase
  • Create detailed action plans to address the Challenges for each Phase
  • Employ Best Practices to take advantage of proven approaches
  • Create a timeline with milestones using Tollgate Checklists
  • Download Tools & Templates needed for each task

Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC: Define -

Download & Print the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC

To download the Go-Getters Guide to DMAIC, please register for Green Belt Training & Certification. It’s available for FREE to Green Belts! If you’d like to purchase and download it separately, you can do so here.

BONUS: Green Belts can can also download a printable Lean Six Sigma Glossary which includes easy to understand definitions and our colorful graphics.