Celebrate Father’s Day With These Grand-Daddies of Quality

Celebrate Father's Day With These Grand Daddies of Quality -

Throughout the year we celebrate the birthdays of the “Grand-Daddies” of Quality (also known as “Quality Gurus”). These are the founders of modern day process improvement!

We owe this venerable group a debt of gratitude for all of the concepts, tools and methods we often take for granted. If you ever wondered where a Fishbone Diagram came from or who invented the 5 Whys, rest assured it’s one of our fabulous Quality forefathers. Join us in wishing these Grand-Daddies a very happy Father’s Day!

Genichi Taguchi (born January 1924)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Genichi Taguchi -

Shigeo Shingo (born January 1909)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Shigeo Shingo -

Sakichi Toyoda (born February 1867)


Taiichi Ohno (born February 1912)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Taiichi Ohno -

Walter Shewhart (born March 1891)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Walter Shewhart -

Eliyahu Goldratt (born March 1947)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Eliyahu Goldratt -

Armand Feigenbaum (born April 1922)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Armand Feigenbaum -

Bill Smith (born 1929)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Bill Smith -

Philip Crosby (born June 1926)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Philip Crosby -

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa (born July 1915)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Kaoru Ishikawa -

Vilfredo Pareto (born July 1848)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Vilfredo Pareto -

Henry Ford (born July 1863)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Henry Ford -

John Shook (born ????)

Grand Daddt of Quality - John Shook -

James Womack (born 1948)

Grand Daddy of Quality - James Womack -

Dr. W. Edwards Deming (born October 1900)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Dr. W. Edwards Deming -

Dr. Noriaki Kano (born November 1940)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Noriaki Kano -

Joseph Juran (born December 1904)

Grand Daddy of Quality - Joseph Juran -

Mikel Harry (born December 1951)

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Mikel Harry -

Are there any other Grand-Daddies you know that we should be celebrating? Let us know in the comments below!

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