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The Fishbone Diagram is a visual tool used in Lean Six Sigma to identify root causes of problems. It resembles a fish skeleton, with the main problem at the head and potential causes branching off the spine into categories, facilitating a systematic approach to problem-solving.

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summary Summary What is a Cycle Time? Cycle time is the measurement of the time elapsed from the beginning of a process or a step to its end. Reduction of cycle time focuses on bringing products and services to market faster in order to provide value to customers. To learn how to use Cycle Time and how to apply Lean

I love speaking with people who use Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Each story is different, even when I recognize the familiar benefits of LSS in their paths. I think of it like following a recipe: each person will have a different result based on ingredients, tools, and presentation, but at the end of the process, they have a satisfying product.

A key aspect of Lean Six Sigma’s effectiveness lies in its autonomy, operating separately but collaboratively with the internal business functions, particularly a Business Transformation Office. Let's unravel the reasons why a separate Lean Six Sigma program benefits both the BTO and the entire organization.

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with the Board of Accreditation!’s Yellow Belt and Green Belt courses are now available at The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting quality patient care by offering highly valued credentials for professionals and businesses. With over 35 years of credentialing experience, BOC provides accreditation for

summary Summary Template What is a Process Map? A Process Map is a step-by-step diagram that shows the activities needed to complete a process. Creating a Process Map is one of the first steps in a Lean Six Sigma process improvement project. To learn how to use the Process Map, check out our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training. Or

Want to simplify and automate your statistical analysis? Try Kure. Black Belts learn about each statistical test below in our Black Belt Training & Certification course – and how to use them in both Minitab 17 and SigmaXL. For your convenience, we’ve organized the tools by: Tools ordered by DMAIC Phase Tools ordered alphabetically Free Example Data Sets Available for Minitab & SigmaXL

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