The Next Era of Efficiency at GLSS

Greetings GLSS Community—

Twelve years ago, I founded GLSS ( to democratize access to the transformative power of Lean Six Sigma for people, companies and communities previously hindered by barriers such as cost, lack of experience, and time constraints.

Founding GLSS was more than just the start of a company; it was the manifestation of a deeply held belief in the potential of every person to contribute to and benefit from the principles of Continuous Improvement. Recognizing the gap between the need for such knowledge and the accessibility of it, GLSS was born out of a commitment to bridge this divide, ensuring that the tools for personal and professional growth were not just a privilege for the few—but a right for the many.

GLSS’ impact so far is immense. Our integrated, innovative approach to Lean Six Sigma consistently delivers measurable impact to our clients. On average, projects our learners complete results in $213,374 in financial savings, 53% defect reduction, 54% reduction in processing time and 61% increase in production.

I’m endlessly grateful we’ve been able to help learners from all around the world and be recognized for our growth. Today, over 500,000 people and 6,100 organizations have experienced our courses—and the number continues to grow.

Today, I invite you to enter the next era of efficiency with us—an era where efficiency isn’t just about doing more with less, but about consciously collaborating for the greater good by leveraging the most powerful, affordable technology available.

A New Era of Efficiency: New App + New Courses

Our mission at GLSS has always been to empower people, companies and communities to achieve their fullest potential. We believe in creating a world where Continuous Improvement is a shared journey, not a solitary quest. It’s with this spirit that we embrace the next era of efficiency—a vision that transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a global community of change-makers.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our new app—an engaging, modern platform that makes it easy for individuals, teams and organizations to learn together. Our new app will be home to our new, fully optimized Lean Six Sigma courses as well as additional productivity courses like Agile, Project Management and more.

We’ve also launched our new GLSS Membership subscription that makes it more affordable than ever for everyone to master Lean Six Sigma by giving access to all of our courses for just $299/year (vs. around $2,000 for courses purchased separately). GLSS Membership includes training, certification and continued access to reference our Lean Six Sigma course materials—and will eventually include live access to our AI Master Black Belt, Mochi, who is supported by our team of Master Black Belts with over 40 years of experience in virtually every industry.

Informed by Half a Million Voices

This vision isn’t just our own. It’s shaped by the invaluable data-driven feedback from over 500,000 learners around the world who have successfully applied Lean Six Sigma principles across every imaginable industry and job function. Their stories of transformation are the bedrock of our innovation. Each project, each success, enriches our collective wisdom and propels us forward.

Transforming Education and Workforce Development

Current approaches to education are outdated and ineffective—designed for a time long gone. With humility and unwavering confidence, we’re optimizing education and workforce development. We’re eliminating waste and outdated mindsets to focus on what truly adds value. This is not just about efficiency; it’s about efficacy—ensuring that every learning experience is meaningful, impactful, and transformative.

Our optimized Project-Based Learning approach empowers everyone—regardless of background, experience or resources—the ability to improve processes and create measurable results to build competency and conscientiousness.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We’re creating a future where the people we teach also teach others, creating Cultures of Continuous Improvement around the world.

Our New Brand Identity

As part of this transformative journey, we are proud to unveil our new brand identity, symbolized by a logo that is a testament to our ethos. Our new logo, inspired by the simplicity and elegance of a light bulb, represents the spark of innovation and the continuous flow of ideas. It is minimal, yet profound—reflecting our approach to making Lean Six Sigma accessible, intuitive, and impactful.

Aligned with our new brand, our new streamlined website address is also available:

A Humble Invitation

I extend a humble invitation to you to join us in this new chapter. Let’s walk together and enter the next era of efficiency, guided by the principles of conscious Continuous Improvement. Let’s build a future where every individual and organization can flourish, contributing to the greater good in meaningful ways.

As we embark on this journey, let us remember that true excellence lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself. It is in every question we ask, every challenge we overcome, and every small step we take towards improvement. In life, the only constant is change. Change can be challenging, but leads to growth if we are conscious, curious and can cultivate a mindset of humility and learning.

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” — Marcus Aurelius

Welcome to the new GLSS—where the journey towards excellence is a collective endeavor, and every step is a step towards a better world.

With gratitude—


Karlo Tanjuakio
CEO & Founder |
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Karlo Tanjuakio is the CEO & Founder of GLSS ( Our goal is to empower everyone's efficiency. By integrating the most practical Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification with Project-Based Learning, GLSS helps teams create a measurable impact on their companies and communities worldwide.

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