Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the High Technology Industry

Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the High Technology industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.

Advantage Aviation Technologies

Advantage Aviation Technologies (AAT) Integrates Lean & Six Sigma Management Process Improvement Protocols

Advantage Aviation Technologies (AAT) recently announced the integration of Lean and Six Sigma into the company’s’ full service fabrication and repair facility. The president of AAT announced that the integration of these two process improvement systems and tools is critical in today’s manufacturing climate. Lean protocols were initially implemented earlier this year, January 2015, and will continue to be heavily supported in operations.

Aviat Networks

Gallagher Assists Aviat Networks, Inc. With 25% Reduction in Operating Expenses

On June 25th, 2018, Aviat Networks, Inc. announce the appointment of Stan Gallagher as Chief Operating Office. With over 30 years of experience in various aspects of leadership and management consulting, Gallagher has helped drive the execution of process excellence activities.

With a positive outlook on 2019, Aviat Networks looks for continued success. “”We are very excited to have Stan formally join our team, especially now as we move into growth mode and drive further enhancements to our business,”” President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Pangia shares.

Aviat Networks anticipates it will generate approximately $1.2M in savings for 2019, and furthermore, an excess of $3.2M in 2020 through use of automation, aggregation and consolidating back-office support functions.

Since 2010, Gallagher has lead multiple Lean Six Sigma programs, helped redesigned operational footprints in IT, facilities management, automation, sourcing and supply chain management. It’s now time to lead the effort at Aviat Networks.

Cisco Systems

Accelerating Lean Productivity With Immersive Collaboration

Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) proposes an immersive, interactive virtual environment to overcome the challenges of time, distance, and limited resources. Through this robust, interactive environment, they were able to design new processes and make recommendations that resulted in a significant reduction of time to service customers and overall service costs. The leader of the lean event stated that the immersive, collaborative environment resulted in a 50 percent reduction in time-to-decision among participants on key issues. The session was completed in 30 percent less time than a conventional workout, resulting in significantly increased productivity.

Dell, Inc.

Best Practices: Measuring the Success of Enterprise Testing

A good approach to measurement is provided by the Six Sigma framework, which describes four families of measures. These families are known as the PFQT measures, which detail the productivity (process), financials (cost), quality, and timeliness (schedule) of a project. An effective measurement strategy includes metrics that address these four areas.

Facebook Announces Partnership With Facebook is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Facebook! We are excited to offer all Facebook employees substantial discounts on all of our Training & Certification courses.

The multinational social media company joins a long list of companies from a broad spectrum of industries who have trusted us in helping them develop their problem-solving muscles.

Flex Global

Flex Global Competition Builds Lean DNA

“The Lean journey never ends,” said Flex Global’s Vice President. To keep the journey fun and alive, process improvement projects are turned into friendly competition where successes are always celebrated and their global network is always leveraged.


Improving the Customer Buy-Back Process by 30% With FutureDial

FutureDial, the leading provider of mobile device processing solutions for Wireless Carriers recently partnered with OptoFidelity to provide world-class robotic solutions with FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch software platform.

“The adoption of Lean Six Sigma philosophies within our Lean One-Touch software platform has paved the path to integrating leading-edge robotics such as that from OptoFidelity.”

With OptoFidelity’s test automation technology and FutureDial’s system integration software capabilities combined, it’s led to a seamless, lean operating environment where they expect to reduce the “customer buy-back” process by more than thirty times it’s original cycle time.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

Gulfstream Repairs 1,000th Auxiliary Power Unit in State-of-the-Art Facility

In earlier news this month, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced a new milestone. They have completed their 1,000th auxiliary power unit (APU) repair. They have reduced repair time over the years with Lean Six Sigma to create their efficiency models.

Ingram Micro Inc.

Ingram Micro’s Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Services

By leveraging ITIL, Six Sigma(TM), and other Total Quality Management (TQM) process models, Ingram Micro’s BC/DR services also provide a repeatable, consistent approach to service that can grow and change with solution providers’ and end users’ business needs.


Six Sigma Can Help Project Managers Improve Results

Improving business results is important in every organization. Project managers are often the change agents charged with leading the improvement efforts. Understanding and incorporating the Six Sigma DMAIC steps into every project can help project managers not only be more effective but can lead to breakthrough results. Attaining a Six Sigma Green Belt certification is the best approach for project managers who want to demonstrate that they are ready to accept the challenge of improving their organization’s business results.


Rackspace Provides Solutions for Data Center Consolidations With Lean Six Sigma

Rackspace is a company dedicated to helping public cloud infrastructure providers within the tech industry. They offer a plethora of services, including physical hardware migration and consolidation. Through Lean Six Sigma, they have successfully navigated the migration of over 48,000 physical devices for company’s struggling to consolidate their data centers in times of change.

Their preparation phase is meticulous—cables and wires are color-coded and labeled ensuring every port and plug has a home, and they run test migrations to flush out any kinks in their process, guaranteeing all aspects of the move have been considered. Rackspace uses trademark principles such as 5S and Single Minuted Exchange of Die (SMED) to achieve these feats, and it has earned them their title of a leader in managed services for public cloud infrastructure.

Data center consolidations have always been a necessary evil in the tech industry, but thanks to Rackspace, they just became a whole lot easier.


Seegrid New Hires at Fast Clip Reflects Company Expansion With Mike Hockenberger

Seegrid is a pioneer in 3D vision navigation and their personnel growth is matching the strong marketplace demand. The company’s strength is due to the growth of fork truck free mandates among Lean focused manufacturing.

Skyworks Solutions

Six Sigma Methodologies Support Back-End Yield and Quality Metrics Improvement

Six-sigma methodologies lead to understanding of root causes of yield loss in the back-end process. A data- driven decision making process is used to allocate resources and to optimize process flows. As a result, the yield of the backend process was increased by nine percentage points over the last three years. The team has achieved backend process (post- probe) yield increase of 3% per year for each of the last three years. Yield improvement activities also improve quality by reducing the PPM defective delivered to the downstream operations (the customer). Further, sustained yield improvement contributes significant cost savings.

Technical Debt

Does Your Firm Have Technical Debt?

Technical debt is a common and highly specialized term in the software development industry. “Lower is better, and if it’s high, then you may have one or more technical debts in place.” The best way to discover this kind of debt and take action is with Lean Six Sigma.

ThoughtWorks Europe

Lean Enterprise Reaps Tech Investments

Organizations are to reap the rewards of their technology investments but first, they need to shift their thinking. According to Barry O’Reilly, principal at ThoughtWorks Europe, organizations need to adopt organization-wide Lean enterprise principles. Through the elimination of waste, continual reevaluation of processes, and the better understand of the voice of the customer, rewards will be waiting!

Visual Marking Systems

Visual Marking Systems Putting Wraps on Continued Growth

Visual Marking Systems (VMS) is committed to quality, sustainability, customer service, and fair pricing. These commitments have boosted the 100+ employee team to a leading position among many other providers of product branding and identification products. VMS is considered a Lean manufacturing company and they apply Six Sigma throughout their daily operations to reduce Waste and production times. VMS continues to grow and they plan on staying on their “lean and mean” path.


Xerox Lean Six Sigma and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Xerox Lean Six Sigma is a powerful business-improvement tool that can enhance the effectiveness of Xerox and of the services we provide to our customers. It leads to solutions that no one person could ever develop alone. And the return on investment can be huge. The Xerox Lean Six Sigma tools, processes and principles are built on earlier Leadership Through Quality and new quality efforts at Xerox. Since 2003, Xerox people have been using Xerox Lean Six Sigma tools and methods in both internal projects and projects for customers. These projects focus on reducing waste and increasing effectiveness in vital business processes to bring measurable improvements in results for customers and the company.

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