Lean Six Sigma Success Stories In Hospitality Industry

Lean Six Sigma Success Stories In Hospitality Industry - GoLeanSixSigma.com

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Six Sigma Kick-Starts Starwood
Instead of hiring consultants or ethnographers, a common first step for a new initiative, the hotel chain relied on a seemingly stodgy process: Six Sigma. Last year, according to Starwood management, programs developed under the famed management technique delivered more than $100 million in profit to its bottom line. As a result, the White Plains (N.Y.) company is one of the world’s most profitable hotel operators: Its net margin is nearly 15%, higher than those of rivals Hilton Hotels (HLT) and Marriott International (MAR), as well as the industry average of 9%. “We have been driving our margin growth faster than our competitors,” says Ballotti. “When people ask why, I point to Six Sigma.”

Wyndham Worldwide

Sustainability and Innovation go Hand in Hand
If you want a good case study of how to use innovation and sustainability to cut costs and improve customer service, talk to Faith Taylor. As Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Wyndham Worldwide, Taylor is responsible for Wyndham’s green and sustainable initiatives for environmental, social, and economic programs. She has used Six Sigma, Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, as well as various team building and creativity building workshops.

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