Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the Electronics Industry

Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Electronics industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics Wins “Innovation of the Year” Award at Lean & Six Sigma World Conference

The annual Lean & Six Sigma Conference attracts international and national experts. Experts come together to meet and collaborate on topics such as process improvement and value creation to improve efficiencies and customer experience. Arrow Electronics, Inc. took home an award for their daily integrated Lean Sigma culture and methodologies. Since 2015, they have generated 1 million in cost savings!

CSA Group

A Better Way to Work

Ellen Pekilis, the general counsel of CSA Group, and her team of six employees faced a growing stack of new, complicated legal work. The management team of CSA Group was unwilling to add new legal staff members so Ellen helped lead the time to better ways of working. The team brought work inhouse, shifted skillsets, and used Lean Six Sigma to dissect and streamline workflows.

EMC Corporation

Role of Process Improvement Methodology in BPM

PI—and Six Sigma in particular—brings an emphasis on process stability and the data collection and analysis to support it. The fate of capital-intensive BPM proposals could be enhanced by incorporating a Six Sigma level of analysis in identifying benefits—both process and financial. Once implemented, BPM could incorporate, in addition to one-dimensional problem alerts, business activity monitoring (BAM) data used to measure and report on process stability. This functionality would allow recognition of trends and corrective action to be taken in anticipation of problems. In addition, this data on process variation can be used to develop improvement targets on an ongoing basis.

General Electric

GE Develops New Durathon Battery

General Electric’s internal, 45-person internal startup, Energy Storage Technologies, has developed a new molten salt battery with a high energy density, recharges quickly, is rugged, and has a longer life than comparable batteries. Called the Durathon, it stores as much energy as batteries twice its size and lasts 10x longer. Six Sigma manufacturing experts in conjunction with the development team helped to reduce defect rates; the first battery to a customer broke on shipment, proving the worth of Six Sigma methodologies.

Global Learning and Performance Software

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Projects Prove Value in Industries Beyond Manufacturing

A Lean Six Sigma program? What good can it really do? Paritosh Bhondele, a director at a global learning and performance software company, wasn’t sure and questioned discoveries to be made using the process improvement methods. Ric Van Der Linden, who teaches the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate program at UC San Diego Extension, encouraged Bhondele to keep with the methods and see what improvements he could make. It worked!

LG Corporation

LG and the Six Sigma Sense

LG Electronics India has 60 six sigma projects running in the areas of production, purchase and HR. Some of the achievements are: The communication cost control project slashed the phone bills for the land line from Rs 13 lakh per month to Rs 5.5 lakh per month.


Minitab Express Adds Data Import from Excel, Bootstrapping and Randomization Tests

Our friends at Minitab have updated their most recent statistical software package: Minitab Express. The software now allows users to “import from Excel, bootstrapping and randomization tests, and new regression features.” The update is free for current Minitab Express users.


Illuminating Lean Process Development at VCC

VCC (Visual Communications Company) is a leader in the development and manufacturing of illuminated electronic components for global markets. By creating a culture of lean product development via transparency, knowledge sharing, teamwork and innovation, VCC is able to increase customer response and customer satisfaction as well as improve the new business development process with an 88 percent reduction in lead time.


Vitamix Blends Lean Components for a Continuous Improvement Medley

Vitamix, a high performance blender company, has been consistently making double-digit growth for the past seven years. Vitamix Lean Manager, Eric DiMalanta, began implementing lean principles in an effort to sustain the gains the company has made thus far. Instead of hiring more employees alone, DiMalanta took action the “lean” way and used his current employees, along with new hires, to have a more effective impact. Since 2013 Vitamix has seen a 45% growth and DiMalanta said that lean has played a major role in that.


Xerox and SpencerMETRICS Connect for Productivity

Xerox and SpencerMETRICS Connect have teamed up to provide customers the ultimate power of on-demand analysis and automatic calculation of Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The Connect solution helps Xerox customers “identify root causes of bottlenecks and wasted time with real metrics, users report cost savings through reduced waste, overtime, and downtime.”

Xerox Lean Six Sigma and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Xerox Lean Six Sigma is a powerful business-improvement tool that can enhance the effectiveness of Xerox and of the services we provide to our customers. It leads to solutions that no one person could ever develop alone. And the return on investment can be huge. The Xerox Lean Six Sigma tools, processes and principles are built on earlier Leadership Through Quality and new quality efforts at Xerox. Since 2003, Xerox people have been using Xerox Lean Six Sigma tools and methods in both internal projects and projects for customers. These projects focus on reducing waste and increasing effectiveness in vital business processes to bring measurable improvements in results for customers and the company.

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