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A process map is an important part of any Lean Six Sigma project – it helps communicate the process at the center of your project

I recently read an intriguing treatise of personal and organizational philosophy called Principles by Ray Dalio, the investment guru and founder of Bridgewater Associates. It

The Lean Six Sigma toolset makes use of a variety of process maps. Each of these diagrams aids in understanding the flow and making it

If you’re not tracking statistical differences among your call center agents, I’d argue that you are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive astonishing

Facts and data are the hallmark of good problem solving – but all too often we don’t have enough data or the right kind of

“Gemba” is a Japanese word that translates into “the site” or “the place of work.” There is a related word, “Gembutsu” which means the “actual

The Cause & Effect Diagram is a popular tool and it appears in most continuous improvement projects. But in reviewing the project examples and publications,

If no one is born a scientist, then where do good ideas come from? The metaphorical light-bulb goes off, but how? When? Sometimes it’s just

Looking to Launch Lean Six Sigma? Here’s how to do it in 3 months! Partner with us and we’ll help you create a Culture of

When organizations want to address an issue, they frequently bring people together to determine what actions to take. Often, part of the group’s process is

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