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Webinar: How To Select The Right Improvement Project -

Webinar: How to Select the Right Improvement Project

Watch our 1-hour Introductory Webinar below and you'll learn how to select the right improvement project which will help you set yourself up for success. We covered best practices, challenges you may face and a walk-through of how to use a Project Selection Tool. Webinar Level Introductory Agenda Clarifying Organizational Strategy…

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6 Ways Waste Catalyzes Creativity -

6 Ways Waste Catalyzes Creativity

If no one is born a scientist, then where do good ideas come from? The metaphorical light-bulb goes off, but how? When? Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time. Other times, good ideas come from thinking about something for a really, really long time.…

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Challenging The Process: Why Do We Stop Asking Why? -

Challenging the Process: Why Do We Stop Asking Why?

One of the challenges in implementing a Continuous Improvement program is this: After employees go through training, how do they determine where to apply all of their new process improvement tools? Even if your organization is culturally ready for process improvement, how often have you heard people say, “The process…

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Wine & Waste: A Primer On Value -

Wine & Waste: A Primer on Value

Wine and Waste: Two terms that are not typically “paired” in our house. Wine is rarely wasted in the consumption process (unless you consider unneeded calories, but let’s not go there). However, what about during the buying and tasting process? There must be some waste there. Or, so I assumed…

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10 Essential Tips For Successful Process Mapping -

10 Essential Tips for Successful Process Mapping

When starting any process improvement effort, whether it’s a Quick Win, a Kaizen or a larger Green Belt Project, building the “As Is” Process Map is an essential first step. Teams often find immediate and actionable opportunities for improvement simply by uncovering “the way we do things now." The following…

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