Grand-Daddy of Quality

Did Taguchi design Kimonos? He could have, if he’d spent his life working in the family Kimono business (and I’m sure they would have been stunning), but lucky for us, this quality rebel devoted a lifetime to the idea that customers deserved better. Born in Japan, Mr. Taguchi was an engineer and a statistician known primarily for what’s called the

If Bill Smith was the father of Six Sigma, Mikel Harry, in his words, was the godfather. Dr. Harry worked with pioneer Bill Smith at Motorola to refine the Six Sigma method and spread it throughout Motorola. Dr. Harry wrote the international bestseller Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World’s Top Organizations with Richard Schroeder and devoted his

Time to tip our hats to the man who pointed out that sometimes inspection costs more than the defects themselves. Huzzah! Best known for establishing the Juran Institute, he dedicated his life to promoting quality as a way to improve society. Like other quality greats, Dr. Deming and Walter Shewhart, he got his start at Bell Lab’s famous Hawthorne Works.

Did you know Dr. Kano was a student of Dr. Ishikawa? Did you know Dr. Kano was still with us? Does he know everyone still uses the Kano Model? Would that be a delighter for Dr. Kano? Inquiring minds want to know! Dr. Kano is a professor, lecturer, writer and consultant but first and foremost, his name will forever be

“Don’t rule by fear,” “Stop inspection,” “Remove silos” and “Clarify your purpose.” Dr. Deming’s principles are as applicable today as they were when he was alive. He challenged managers to rule without fear, without targets or quotas and focus instead on setting the stage for pride of workmanship. What workplace wouldn’t benefit today from following Dr. Deming? Time to send

The Lean Enterprise Institute is coming up on its anniversary which means founder James Womack must be proud! We know he’s proud of his of meeting his daily goal of 10,000 steps. Time to celebrate the nonprofit LEI and its generous founder. Happy Birthday to both of you! Like his colleague, John Shook, we don’t actually know when James Womack’s

He’s in Lean. He’s all Shook up! Musical puns aside, John Shook recently did a good job of connecting Lean to Baseball which ties together two of America’s favorite past times. Okay, Lean my not have risen to “favorite” yet, but John Shook is working on it! We don’t actually know when John Shook’s birthday is (if you know, please

Did you know that the secret behind “any color as long as it’s black” was that Henry Ford figured out black paint dried faster? Did you know that Kingsford Charcoal originated from when Ford burned the pallets transporting his raw materials? Did you know he identified 2 of the eventual 8 Wastes by studying people going up and down ladders

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