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Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Education industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.

Board Of Education, Dublin, Ohio

District Working Hard To Maintain Pledge To Taxpayers

It’s been three years since the Board of Education in Dublin, Ohio made a commitment to the community that the operating levy portion of the 2012 ballot issue would only last three years. The levy cycle has now been stretched to four years alongside the adoption of Lean Six Sigma concepts. The district is fully committed to implementing the concepts to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Central Middle School

School, Hospital Collaboration Pushes Students To Problem-Solve

A chance meeting between a Central Middle School teacher and a Columbus Regional Health employee has led to a program that is helping some seventh-graders become critical thinkers. The meeting initially intended to help a healthcare center, turned into a meeting to benefit both the healthcare center and a local middle school.

College of the Canyons

Lean Six Sigma Principles: Applications Beyond Manufacturing

John Milburn is the Director of the Employee Training Institute (ETI) at College of the Canyons. In this article, John gives his reader an overview on Lean Six Sigma principles, what companies use these principles, and a small glimpse into how the companies named use them. On the same hand, it’s noted that even “corporate legal departments are using Lean Six Sigma principles to achieve successful outcomes with minimum wasted effort or resources.” The American Bar Association’s Business Law Section recently held a special panel which discussed the application of Lean Six Sigma to their work.

Door County Community Foundation

Non-Profits Get Lessons In Efficiency At Upcoming Series Event

Earlier this month, the Door County Community Foundation in Wisconsin helped guide area non-profits towards better organizational efficiency at its free Non-Profit Education Series. Attendees worked through many Lean Six Sigma methods, including: Voice of the Customer, Process Mapping, SIPOC, Fish Bone Diagram, Five Whys, and Quality Cycles to help find non-value added time and hidden factory.

Harvard Business School

Predictable Time Off: Better Work And Better Lives

Harvard Business School professor and author Leslie Perlow writes about improving the work-life relationship in a recent article for FastCompany. In it, she tackles two seemingly disparate issues.

King’s College London

A Partnership Approach Reaps Rewards

Bouygues Energies & Services and King’s College London have been in a relationship for over 12 years. Their successful partnership brought one of the first PFI in the UK and after 12 years they have launched an efficacy review to see how they can be more efficient and effective. Assessment and maintenance of their partnership include many Lean Six Sigma tools such as Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

Miami University

Miami Ranked ‘Most Efficient’ University

This year, the U.S. News And World Report has ranked Miami University as the nation’s “Most Efficient” university. This is the third year that Miami has placed in the top three. Miami University holds Lean Fairs that encourage ideas to reduce costs and increase savings. The independent report shows that students and staff are succeeding at saving resources and money.

Michigan State University

New Executive Director Of MSU Value Chain Institute Named

Earlier this month, Katherine A. Franz assumed the role of executive director of the Michigan State University Midland Research Institute for Value Chain Creation. The institute develops effective and sustainable solutions to improve all types of public and private value chains. With 25 years of experience, Katherine also brings her knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma, and standard operating systems to solve problems and transform the organization.

Penn State

How To Get Kids Discharged From The Hospital Faster

A recent study at Penn State University turned to Lean Six Sigma to show how the model can be used to shave hours off the time it takes to get children and other patients discharged from the hospital. Most hospitals have a fixed number of staffed beds and when hospitals are at capacity, care may be delayed for others. Lean Six Sigma can reduces those delays and potential defects in traditional healthcare practices.


Statistics Is More Than A Numbers Game – It Underpins All Sciences

Statistics happen all around us in everyday life. Statistics is ways to collect, summarize, visualize, and present inferences from data.  It also pervades every field of human endeavors according to Terry Speed. One can also see that developments such as Six Sigma contribute “to the near-universal awareness of the value of statistics” and it is understood that methods from manufacturing industries are also effective in the service industry.

UC Cancer Institute

UC Cancer Institute, Lindner College Partner for Patient Satisfaction Through Lean Training

The UC Cancer Institute recognizes patient satisfaction as one of the most important aspects of healthcare. Franklin Smith, MD clinical director for the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute noticed gaps in patient satisfaction and efficiency. With the gaps in mind, Franklin Smith saw a need for Lean training. The Lean training that was implemented has led to a massive improvement in operational and administrative duties. The improvement has also led to focuses on reorganization of processes to help speed up the start of inpatient chemotherapy.

University of Kentucky

Kentucky Wildcat Football: Measuring Performance (or Failure)

A former Director of Quality proposes using Six Sigma principles and NCAA statistics to measure the performance of University of Kentucky football for the upcoming 2013 season in this ongoing blog series.

University of North Carolina

Lean Six Sigma In The Pharmacy Department

Lean Six Sigma principles allow pharmacies to improve processes to improve quality for customers. Did you know that only senior level pharmacists and technicians were once able to sort drugs in a drug carousel at the University of North Carolina hospitals? With Lean Six Sigma, a drug chart was created and designed to cut out 40 walking steps between the code tray area and carousel machines. This allowed for untrained technicians to refill a code tray without anything more than a chart!

University of South Carolina

Upstate Students Visit BMW For Lesson On Science, Technology

Thirty high school students from South Carolina worked with University of South Carolina to study statistics and business. Through University of South Carolina Upstate Academic Outreach Camp, the students toured USC Upstate’s Healthcare Simulation Center and learned about manufacturing concepts. Concepts included Lean and Six Sigma which are concepts used by BMW. BMW co-sponsors University of South Carolina Upstate’s Academic Outreach Camp.

Universities Are Leading The Attack On Food Waste

Twenty two million pounds of food waste are produced from college campuses each year. Students and universities are taking notice of this waste and are beginning to reduce waste by “going trayless” and using Lean Six Sigma to give tips to college campuses. Lean Six Sigma calculated that easy changes could save the school about $11,787 USD per quarter.

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