Lean Six Sigma News Roundup For Week Of September 8, 2014

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma news from around the web for the week of September 8, 2014.

Six Sigma Driving Innovation At Irish Life Corporate Business

Eight years ago, a department within Irish Life decided to embrace Six Sigma. The Director of Innovation in the corporate business division made Six Sigma available to all 300 people in the division. Initially, only 40 people of the 300 focused on transforming the business. By opening the door to all 300 individuals, more ideas churned out and more problems were picked out for correction. The Innovation Team went on to effect a much bigger set of innovation people.

Ctrip Asserts Supremacy With Its Performance

Ctrip is a one-stop shop for China travel services. In the Chinese travel e-commerce category, Ctrip stands out due to its operational efficiency and profitability. Ctrip has built its business over the past 15 years through strengths in quality assurance and Six Sigma management. Ctrip management and operational teams are continuously refining the business model and demands no room for wastage of resources and capital.

Back To School? Already?

Half Moon Bay, California community writer and blogger, Louie Castoria, can’t believe we are in the back-to-school season already in the US. The summer is officially coming to an end and educational buzz words such as Six Sigma and Kaizen come to mind for Louie.


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