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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt MBAs Reduce Costs & Waste

I recently wrote a blog article for on the merits of having both an MBA and a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. That blog, published in April 2020, was written from the perspective of my teaching Business Process Improvement to MBA students at Hamline University School of Business.…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Taiichi Ohno -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Taiichi Ohno

Who is the Grand Poobah of Toyota Production System? The Wizard of Lean? His Royal Eminence of Efficiency? Sure, he had some help, but Taiichi Ohno was the behind-the-scenes master of what is now known as Lean Manufacturing. Time to appreciate a significant quality forbear! This year would have marked…

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How Beginners Can Get Started With Lean Six Sigma -

How Beginners Can Get Started With Lean Six Sigma

Are you new to Continuous Improvement? Are you excited about fixing what “bugs you” but overwhelmed with figuring out where to start? You’re not alone. Solving problems can be intensely gratifying and there is an entire industry devoted to the tools and methods to make it happen. But the sheer…

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Single Modules to Quickly Skill-Up! -

Single Modules to Quickly Skill-Up!

Good things come in small packages - that's why we created Single Modules for you! When you don't have the time or the need for the entire Green Belt Training, these "one-topic" training modules provide simple, compact alternatives that average about 1 hour. Skill-up and register for a few today!…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Can you be effective as the only Black Belt in your company?

Great question! And, as you might expect, it depends. One key factor is whether or not you have leadership support. If they support your efforts to become trained in continuous improvement, that’s a great start. The next question is, how big of a company is it? If you are a tiny cog in a big…
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