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Attacking the 8 Wastes With Sunland Logistics Solutions -

After 35 years, Sunland Logistics Solutions continues its strategic growth as a third party logistics provider to manufacturing customers. With the ever changing global economy, Sunland Distribution continues to evolve, now operating through the southeast and midwest of the United States.

“Our purpose is to help our customers do what they do better. This means they can focus on making the best products, and we can focus on getting their products to their customers more efficiently,” shares Sunland CEO, Arch Thomason.

Our purpose is to help our customers do what they do better. 

With a deep-rooted effort around continuous process improvement, Sunland’s leadership team adopted and addressed one of the eight wastes, unused “Employee Genius” (under-utilized talent). By “attacking waste,” employees are empowered to make the simple changes that can make their jobs easier and share their success at weekly team meetings.

In all of Sunland’s continuous improvement efforts, it’s no surprise to see that they have been able to realize 100% growth since implementing the “Destination 2018 Growth Strategy.”

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