Searching For An Online Lean Six Sigma Training Provider

When you’re beginning your search to locate a Lean Six Sigma training provider, there are a few key factors to consider including where the training is provided and when’s the best time for training. Another important factor to consider is the training provider’s experience, credentials and reputation. Don’t wait until it’s too late – do the proper research and request to speak with an instructor or facilitator before selecting your Lean Six Sigma training provider.

Online Training Experience & Success

A great way to gauge the effectiveness of a Lean Six Sigma trainer or training provider is to learn about how long they’ve been training and for who. Information such as whether they’ve provided training for their employer’s organization(s) or as an independent instructor is helpful and can help you determine if they’re a good fit to effectively convey Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools to the industry (or industries) you wish to pursue a career in.

While how long a trainer has been training is important, it’s equally important to learn about their successes. How often people pass their exams and if those folks have had successful projects and achieved their Green Belt or Black Belt certifications can indicate whether the trainer is effective. Often times, trainers also act as coaches or mentors, helping their students understand and apply the concepts to real life projects in order to get their Green Belt or Black Belt certifications.

Another important (but not quite as critical) factor is the trainer’s credentials. Are they a Master Black Belt? Have they gone through their own training and successfully passed their exams and completed successfully completed Lean Six Sigma projects of their own that have resulted in measurable results?

Ask these questions and any other questions that you might have until you’re comfortable with the experience of the Lean Six Sigma trainer to ensure your invested time, money and energy is maximized.

Online Training Style & Approach

Have you ever sat in a class that you’ve dreaded? Do you remember not learning very much because you couldn’t absorb the information regardless of whether it was only a little or tons of content?

There are hundreds of Lean Six Sigma trainers available. How do you filter out who may not be effective for you? Finding a trainer that is engaging and approachable is not always easy, and it’s quite important since the trainer can make or break the experience. Selecting the right trainer can mean the difference between a dull, dry learning experience and a fun, memorable and productive experience that ensures you understand the Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools and you’re able to apply them in real world situations.

The trainer and the training organization they represent are two halves of a whole, so researching the training organization itself is also a must. Do some preliminary research by checking out the training provider’s website. Search for demo materials or content to get a feel of their training style and approach. Do they use engaging content like multimedia and real world examples? Do they provide free resources and access to the instructor/trainer if you have questions? How do they handle Certification after training? Do they provide certificates or an online database where future employers can verify the completion of your training?

The support provided after the training is important. Ensuring the training organization/provider is responsive, reliable and trustworthy will save you from time spent chasing down certificates or verifying training later down the road.

Do Your Research To Find the Best Online Lean Six Sigma Trainer

As the saying goes – “Knowledge Is Power.” When you begin your search for a Lean Six Sigma training provider, be sure to cover:

  • The trainer’s experience and success
  • The trainer’s teaching style and approach
  • The training organization’s responsiveness and reliability

Although you may think it’s only important to understand the training process, the support provided afterwards could be an added value that could save you time and possibly provide you with a readily available resource for guidance, support and continued learning.

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