How Online Lean Six Sigma Training Helps You Gain a Competitive Advantage


As competition between businesses and organizations of all sizes in every industry around the world becomes more and more fierce, they continue to search for new ways to gain competitive advantages that will allow them to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve collaboration. An increasingly popular and effective route towards obtaining that competitive advantage is launching Lean Six Sigma initiatives that span from top-down organization-wide efforts, to individual training for their employees.

There are a myriad of advantages to completing Lean Six Sigma training. Among them are gaining competitive advantages, learning fundamental skills that can be applied easily and effectively to solve any problem, and receiving recognition or credits for continued learning.

There are three levels of training:

A Competitive Advantage

Innovative, successful organizations are constantly looking for ays to challenge the status quo and cement their presence as a leader within their industry. Continuous improvement or Lean Six Sigma efforts enable organizations as a whole and their people to become more effective at solving problems and streamlining processes which can lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. Lean Six Sigma training empowers businesses by helping them think outside of the box and work together in a collaborative manner that fosters innovation that results in new, improved ways to deliver successfully products and services to their customers.

Top-down Lean Six Sigma training and buy-in is a critical factor for a successful process improvement initiative, but the employees, the people within the organizations, are what really make Lean Six Sigma efforts successful, for without them, the initiative ends up stalling. From the front-line to executives, Lean Six Sigma training (Yellow, Green and Black Belt) can have lasting, measurable results if delivered properly.

For individuals, completing Lean Six Sigma training from a recognized authority can mean the difference between being hired and being turned down for a job. Although Lean Six Sigma training delivered by your company is often effective, a standardized training ensures that the concepts and tools you learn about can be applied within a myriad of different industries and functions, not just the organization and role at your current company.

Lean Six Sigma Skills That Can Be Applied Anywhere

When you complete standardized training from a non-biased, recognized authority, you’re more likely to be able to transfer the Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools more effectively, rather than have those skills siloed within your current job function.

Although typically thought of as intimidating or unapproachable, Lean Six Sigma is really based on common sense principles that can be applied to any problem – from dealing with troublesome behavior from your son or daughter, to figuring out the best solution to a complex process at work.

The basic phases of Lean Six Sigma are learned and tested through training and certification. These phases are:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

Recognition and Qualification That Can Set You Apart

When talented job-seekers are searching for organizations that they’d like to work for, they often do research on what companies are doing to set themselves apart from their competitors. On the flip side, when companies are looking for talented, skilled individuals to hire, they look for qualifications and successes that set potential candidates apart from the hundreds and thousands of applications they receive each day.

Lean Six Sigma can distinguish your organization or yourself as more qualified and innovative than a company or person who has not gone through Lean Six Sigma training. As mentioned, a certificate of completion can often mean the difference between landing that dream job and being passed over for a more qualified candidate.

Knowledge is Power

As with any valuable set of concepts or tools, when applied properly, Lean Six Sigma can give you the advantage that you need to get where you’d like to be. With the proper training, Lean Six Sigma results can deliver immediate, substantial results.

If you’re considering Lean Six Sigma Training, be sure to research diligently to ensure the concepts and skills you learn will be applicable and recognized by potential employers. For questions about training, visit our Online Lean Six Sigma Training page.

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