Success Stories

In the volatile Oil & Gas industry, agility drives success. At this Texas operation, one significant challenge was the lengthy and inconsistent changeover times for a critical operation.
With cycle times slashed by 15%, the production lines experienced a surge in volume. Overtime costs dwindled and the company fortified its position as a center of excellence in the automotive technology landscape.
The Farrington High School students' goal was to make it easier for customers to enter the festival with no setbacks or confusion about where to go. They wanted to decrease the disorganization to make the event customer traffic flow much better, with no hassle.
In the fast-paced world of financial services, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction is crucial. At this global Fortune 500 company, a challenge arose in the Sales Department: reducing invoice defects.
In the dynamic realm of banking where customer satisfaction reigns supreme, Credit Unions like Premier America distinguish themselves by considering their customers not just as clients but as valued members and co-owners.
In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, increasing productivity is an ongoing challenge. At Piston Automotive, one such challenge is increasing jobs completed per hour while minimizing barcode scan failures.
From a quickly evolving power landscape to greater regulatory requirements, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and other electricity providers across the country are being pushed to do far more with far less.
Bolstered by their success (doubled their goal of a 20% reduction in lead time and completed the project in under 6 months), the team continued to identify and implement further improvements—the culture of problem-solving was palpable!
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) came under considerable criticism after hurricane Katrina for its slow response. Green Belt Charles White really dug into FEMA’s processes and identified opportunities to make significant improvement with some common sense changes to material handling and loading.
Tyson’s Black Belt Project focused on reducing underwriting package defects. By using a Fishbone Diagram the team was able to test out their suspected root causes, which ultimately led them to the “ah-ha” moment of neither being statistically significant!

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