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The internet continues to advance and change the way people and businesses interact and behave. An advancement worth noting is in training and education – where students and professionals alike are able to learn at their own pace. Whether your preference is online, offline or a blended approach that includes both, high quality Lean Six Sigma training is now available for you, your team or your entire organization virtually anytime and anywhere.

“I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the resources” – these are hurdles that many students and professionals face when seeking new ways to get training in Lean Six Sigma in order to gain competitive advantages for themselves in an increasingly difficult market. With the rise of e-learning (or online learning), these challenges no longer need to prevent you from accomplishing your goals of obtaining Lean Six Sigma training and receiving your Yellow, Green or Black Belt.

On-Site Lean Six Sigma Training

The traditional method of receiving training is in person or on-site. While there are numerous advantages to on-site training, perhaps the greatest is the level of interactivity between the instructor and the students and between the students and other students.

The ability to communicate freely during Lean Six Sigma training allows students to ask questions and get answers in real-time, providing a sense of connection that strengthens the learning process’ effectiveness. In order for students to absorb information well, they must devote their attention to the training. On-site Lean Six Sigma training provides an environment where outside distractions are minimized so that full attention can be given to the information that is being presented.

Online Lean Six Sigma Training

While online Lean Six Sigma training is quite new, there are many providers to choose from to obtain your Yellow, Green or Black Belt training. We encourage you to explore the available options and select the provider that best fits your needs such as your learning habits and your career goals.

Not all online Lean Six Sigma training providers are equal. Some lack important, valuable concepts or tools while others provide an over-abundance and information overload. Some online training providers utilize clunky interfaces that might not work well or be reliable while others deliver dry, dull content that doesn’t effectively teach the concepts of Lean Six Sigma, resulting in hours of time spent re-learning the material, or worse, learning how to use the online training interface itself.

To prevent these issues and save yourself time, energy and money, request a demo of the online training to see if it fits your needs. As you go through the demos, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the training lively and engaging? This will ensure you’ll effectively remember concepts and tools once the training is over. Also, it’ll ensure you don’t get bored or lose interest.
  • Does the interface work well and seem reliable? You don’t want to spend time learning how to use the interface – your time and attention should be spent focusing on the Lean Six Sigma training itself. You also don’t want to get stuck using an interface that doesn’t work properly, causing you to restart your session, browser or computer.
  • How easy and fast is it to get help from the instructor? With online training, it’s quite common for instructors to have delayed responses, causing you to lose track or focus. You should test the responsiveness of the online training provider to ensure you won’t feel like your needs are not being met to prevent issues further down the road.

The Best of Both Training Worlds

While both online and offline training approaches have their advantages, sometimes a blend of both might fit your needs better. Offline, on-site training to cover complex topics and online, off-site training to cover less complex topics and coaching needs can reduce costs while still providing the engagement required to ensure a successful Lean Six Sigma training.

Choosing the Right Training Option

Before selecting an option, be sure to explore all of the available approaches and providers. Lean Six Sigma training doesn’t need to be difficult or intimidating as long as you choose a provider that fits your needs. Regardless of your choice, be sure to test the responsiveness and reliability of the training provider, as the wrong choice can lead to headaches later on down the line, while the best choice will deliver a wonderful, streamlined Lean Six Sigma training experience.

What’s Next?

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