Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the Heavy Equipment Industry

Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Heavy Equipment industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page.

Aluminum Trailer Co.

Lean Transformation Saves Aluminum Trailer Co.

At the Lean Accounting Summit this year, Steve Brenneman, president, and Duane Yoder, production manager of Aluminum Trailer Co. (ATC) shared a presentation called, “It’s a Lean life!” ATC is a privately held company where every owner and team member, of the 11, contributes to the direct structure and success of the company. With Value Streaming and a Lean culture, the company is able to withstand economic downfalls and has eliminated long term debt by over 50%.

Caterpillar Inc.

Mining for Improvement With Millikin University & Caterpillar Inc.

A team of Millikin University MBA students collaborated with Caterpillar Inc. in an effort to learn about process improvement. After 18 weeks of classwork, the team got together with Caterpillar senior staff to take a deeper look at the company processes. Using Six Sigma, the team broke down and analyzed how things were done in an effort to improve the process and save money. The Mililikin team crafted a way to monitor and track supplies that avoids waste and delay. This monitoring system has the potential to save the company more than $200,000 a year.

Six Sigma Helps Caterpillar Pursue Emissions Goals

In 2006, Caterpillar reduced its total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 36 percent per dollar of revenue, exceeding its 2010 goal of 20 percent intensity reduction. The company again exceeded the goal in 2007 with a 38 percent intensity reduction over 2002. Projects implemented by Six Sigma teams focused on heating efficiency, more efficient lighting and control of equipment and can be replicated across the globe at Caterpillar facilities, not only reducing emissions, but also saving money, improving quality and engaging employees.


Construction Industry Implements Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety and Productivity

Employees in the construction industry can work smarter and faster by utilizing Lean Six Sigma. By championing continuous improvement, these businesses can transform and cultivate a work culture devoted to increasing safety while also boosting productivity.

Intertape Polymer Group

Wrapping Up Lean Tools With Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group, manufacturer of carton sealing tape and stretch film, is a company with no room for error. In an effort to streamline its processes, Intertape began implementing lean principles into it’s organization. By eliminating downtime and incorporating tools such as visual management, cross-training and 5S, Intertape was able to identify $500,000 in savings and reduce carbon emissions by 3,300 metric tons in the past four years.

Schwing Stetter

Racing With Machines

Schwing Stetter India is constantly innovating to stay competitive. Schwing Stetter is one of the few companies in India who regularly rolls out new products. To roll out new products successfully, the company must be advanced in customer service, organization, and creativity. Six Sigma methodology is one improvement method that Schwing Stetter adopted at their manufacturing plants. Adoption of this methodology has bagged SS multiple awards for their manufacturing processes.

Truck Equipment Distributors

Why Lean Thinking and Shop Problem-Solving Are Critical for Truck Equipment Distributors

Lean takes on different meanings for different organizations and industries. The VP of Operations for Henderson Products is happy to explain Lean to his teams and he believes Lean thinking is critical for truck equipment distributors.

United Tractor & Equipment

Six Sigma Approach Embedded Company-Wide at United Tractor & Equipment

United Tractor & Equipment (UTE), Sri Lanka’s sole authorized dealer for Caterpillar USA machinery and equipment, is embracing Six Sigma culture. Deploying the process improvement method across the organization has enabled UTE to gain a formidable competitive advantage that enhances the value of its products and services. One of UTE’s certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts states that 95-percent of their executive staff – senior managers, managers, executives – are all Green Belt certified.

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