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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt MBAs Reduce Costs & Waste

I recently wrote a blog article for on the merits of having both an MBA and a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. That blog, published in April 2020, was written from the perspective of my teaching Business Process Improvement to MBA students at Hamline University School of Business.…

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Yellow Belt Course Pacing Schedule -

Yellow Belt Course Pacing Schedule

What is a Yellow Belt Course Pacing Schedule? One of the great advantages of remote learning is that it's self-paced, but what should that pace be? This schedule guides learners by answering key questions such as how long each section of the training should take to complete and how long…

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Yellow Belt Tollgate Checklist -

Yellow Belt Tollgate Checklist

What is a Yellow Belt Tollgate Checklist? The Yellow Belt Tollgate Checklist outlines the deliverables for each Phase of DMAIC within a Yellow Belt-Level Project. The action items for each phase should be completed before moving onto the next phase. Yellow Belt projects are typically smaller in scope and required…

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Why MBAs Who Are Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts Are More Successful -

Why MBAs Who Are Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts Are More Successful

Imagine yourself in the room. The cross-functional team had just started their project review meeting. Things started out smoothly—but then deteriorated quickly into a tense exchange of thoughts and opinions. The body language clearly indicated that several team members had “dug in their heels” and were no longer actively problem-solving.…

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halloween-sale-2019’s 2019 Halloween Sale!

Don’t be scared of Lean Six Sigma, be a Go-Getter! This Halloween we’re launching a spook-tacular sale so you can learn Lean Six Sigma and get get Certified for less! Until Friday, November 1, you can save $200 on the highest rated Lean Six Sigma Certification in the world with…

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