Four reasons: Quality, Fun, Cost and the Bandwagon!

  1. Quality: Our Lean Six Sigma training is one of the highest quality online training programs out there. uses state of the art software to bring the training to life for students. In addition, we have an excellent team of Master Black Belts that have designed the program for effective student learning.
  2. Fun: Our online training is more engaging and fun than any other online program. The development team created a virtual place, the Bahama Bistro in the training program. The Bahama Bistro is filled with characters and opportunities to apply process improvement. Many of the examples and tools use Bahama Bistro to help connect how the tools apply in the real world.
  3. Cost: On other Lean Six Sigma programs, individuals and companies are spending a great deal of money, sometimes in excess of $8,000 per individual, to become trained. has broken the cost barrier and is able to bring high quality, online training programs to interested students for a fraction of the cost. And if these reasons aren’t enough, let’s throw in one more…
  4. The Bandwagon: There are lots of organizations that have selected our online program over others. Organizations including Coca-Cola, Disney, Amazon, Verizon, Bank of America, and many more!

Tracy O'Rourke

Tracy is a Managing Partner & Executive Advisor at For almost 20 years, she's helped leading organizations like Washington State, Cisco and GE build problem-solving muscles with Lean Six Sigma to achieve their goals.