Lean Six Sigma News: Global Competitiveness And Better Customer Service, Week Of April 6, 2015

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma news from around the web for the week of April 6, 2015.

Fortis Energy Services Is Named Oilfield Services Company Of The Year

Fortis is a privately held oil service company that has recently been named Oilfield Services Company of the Year by the Oil & Gas Awards. Fortis has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and education. Lean Six Sigma methodologies are applied at all Fortis sites to help identify inefficiencies and helps teams work together to make improvements.

Six Sigma Boost For Alba Staff

Operational efficiency is a core value at Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) and during the past two years, Alba has reduced the smelter’s cash cost with a two-year efficiency program. In addition to the program, employees have been gaining knowledge in Six Sigma. Alba recently announced that 25 of its employees have been certified as Green Belt in Six Sigma.

Ultriva Reviews Strategies How Lean Six Sigma Reduces Forecast Errors

Forecast Errors, a weekly e-newsletter sponsored by Ultriva, recently asserted that, “any company desiring to save money through increased efficiency can benefit from the Lean Six Sigma methodology.” In forecasting, errors are eliminated by streamlining production and eliminating non-value added processes. The implementation of Lean Six Sigma can result in higher quality output and better customer service.


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