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The other day I was invited to coach a two-and-a-half hour visioning meeting. I was super excited for the event. The group was working to create three innovative ways to serve future customers—and the meeting was planned to be totally interactive. Problem was, I was going to be five hundred miles from the meeting. I wouldn’t be able to fly

It’s not often you hear about an implementation of Lean Six Sigma into a law firm, but attorney Greg Anding at the Law Firm Kean Miller leads the way. “We’ve always driven the car down the road, [but] we’ve not taken the time to pull the car to the side of the road and see what needs to be done

“Gemba” is a Japanese word that translates into “the site” or “the place of work.” There is a related word, “Gembutsu” which means the “actual thing.” We “go to the Gemba” to find out what is really happening. That might be a nice piece of philosophy, but what does it have to do with improvement? As facilitators of improvement, we

summary Summary Template What are the Process Walk Ground Rules? Process Walk Ground Rules is a team handout with a list of behavioral guidelines to ensure a productive Process Walk that is focused on the process as opposed to the people. Process Walk Training Single Module For a better understanding of a Process Walk and an overview of Lean Six

The City of SeaTac is blazing a trail for all cities in the US with their Align and Improve initiative. This city-wide initiative is focused on creating better strategic alignment throughout the City of SeaTac and launching process improvement efforts in city processes. With facilitation help from GLSS, the team completed a Process Walk and a Rapid Improvement Event on

The Process Walk Interview Sheet is a simple data collection form, designed for transactional processes. It is used to ask pertinent questions during a Gemba or Process Walk. Process Walk Interview Sheet Template Download Process Walk Interview Sheet Template Download Process Walk Interview Sheet Template To learn how to use the Process Walk Interview Sheet and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our

summary Summary Template What is a Process Walk Planning Timeline? The Process Walk Planning Timeline is a template to help organize preparation activities for conducting a Process Walk. The document includes a timeline, description of activities to be completed prior to an event, and a standard Process Walk agenda. To learn how to use the Process Walk Timeline Template and how

summary Summary Template What is the Process Walk Interview Sheet? The Process Walk (aka Gemba Walk) Interview Sheet is a simple data collection form, designed for transactional processes. It is used to ask pertinent questions during a Process Walk. To learn more about Process Walks, check out our Yellow Belt Training & Certification! Or automate your Lean Six Sigma projects with AI

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