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Injecting Lean Six Sigma Into Baton Rouge Law Firm Kean Miller -

It’s not often you hear about an implementation of Lean Six Sigma into a law firm, but attorney Greg Anding at the Law Firm Kean Miller leads the way. “We’ve always driven the car down the road, [but] we’ve not taken the time to pull the car to the side of the road and see what needs to be done to fix it,” Anding exclaims. By coordinating a “retreat” that included lawyers, clerks, secretaries and paralegals, the group was able to emulate & collaborate a process walk of a hypothetical asbestos case, refining the process to ensure the best person handles each step. “There may be things that person A is really good at doing and enjoys doing, and I’ve got person B doing it,” Anding learns. By injecting Lean Six Sigma into the business practice at Kean Miller Law Firm, Anding continues to create new paths in becoming more fiscally efficient.

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