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4 New Ways to Use A3s (Have You Tried Any of These?) -

4 New Ways to Use A3s (Have You Tried Any of These?)

Kaizen Charter? Knowledge Capture? Project Tracker? Posting Board? A3s have grown beyond their roles as problem-solving staples. They’ve expanded and staked out a richer domain in the Lean Six Sigma Toolkit. The A3 is often where we start to examine a challenge, address a problem or consider an opportunity. While…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Walter Shewhart -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Walter Shewhart

Dr. Deming was amazing, but who was his teacher? Who produced the PDCA Cycle? Who conceived of Statistical Process Control? The modest man behind the scenes, another fascinating product of the Hawthorne Works, was none other than Walter Shewhart. This year would have marked Walter Shewhart’s 129th birthday – truly…

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DMAIC or PDCA: Which Is Better? -

DMAIC or PDCA: Which Is Better?

You may run into process improvement enthusiasts who prefer one camp over another—the Lean camp uses Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) and the Six Sigma camp uses Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC)—but which one is better, DMAIC or PDCA?  For years now, organizations looking to implement process improvement have had to wrestle with which method to…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Toyota’s 8 Steps for Practical Problem Solving

Toyota's 8 Steps for Practical Problem Solving are rooted in Walter Shewhart's (and Dr. Deming's) PDCA Cycle (Plan Do Check Act). Toyota expanded on "Plan" with Steps 1-5 whereas "Do-Check-Act" correspond with Steps 6, 7 and 8. Both systems are based on the Scientific Method and help support a culture…

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Grand Daddy of Quality - Dr. W. Edwards Deming -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Dr. W. Edwards Deming

“Don’t rule by fear,” “Stop inspection,” “Remove silos” and "Clarify your purpose.” Dr. Deming’s principles are as applicable today as they were when he was alive. He challenged managers to rule without fear, without targets or quotas and focus instead on setting the stage for pride of workmanship. What workplace…

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Single Modules to Quickly Skill-Up! -

Single Modules to Quickly Skill-Up!

Good things come in small packages - that's why we created Single Modules for you! When you don't have the time or the need for the entire Green Belt Training, these "one-topic" training modules provide simple, compact alternatives that average about 1 hour. Skill-up and register for a few today!…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

When/How do you decide to use PDCA versus DMAIC?

They both come from the scientific method. I have found that folks with Lean roots will select PDCA and A3. Folks with Six Sigma roots usually select DMAIC. Again, two schools of thought that have a lot of similarities. Often an organization will decide which approach they want all employees to follow and train their…
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