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Grand Daddy Of Quality - Kaoru Ishikawa -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Kaoru Ishikawa

Fishbone + Ishikawa = Fishikawa! We know him best for this essential root cause tool, but did you know Dr. Ishikawa developed the first Kaizens, aka Rapid Improvement Events? And where would we be without his 7 Basic Quality Tools? Check out this Fishbone Webinar created in his honor and…

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The Secret To Surveys: Go To The Source -

The Secret to Surveys: Go to the Source

If you have ever read a Lean book, blog or article, you’ll know that “value” is defined by the customer. While often referenced, we don’t spend enough time thinking about what this really means. What Do Customers Truly Want? Henry Ford reportedly once said, “If I’d asked my customers what…

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