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Royal Dutch Shell Does More With Less Using Lean Six Sigma

The Royal Dutch Shell's legal department is filled with thousand of professionals and much larger than many others. However, more professionals does not mean a shared vision, consistency or unbeatable skill sets. To generate more value and long-term business, in-house lawyers need to "do more with less" and "deliver sustainable…

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Walking To Wellness With The Terraces Of Los Gatos

In the month of May, supported the residents, familes, and friends of The Terraces of Los Gatos in Los Gatos, California. We're honored to be able to help  The Terraces Of Los Gatos’  improve wellness for their residents as it fits our mission of building Cultures of Continuous Improvement – also known…

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How To Build A Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work -

How to Build a Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work

So your organization is embarking on a Lean Journey. Congratulations! The Lean journey can be transformational and exciting for an organization. It can also be daunting and frustrating too. How do leaders figure out how to transform the people, the processes and the performance of an organization? Hopefully, leaders consider…

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Rapid Improvement Event (aka Kaizen)

A Rapid Improvement Event is also known as a Kaizen Event. In practice a Rapid Improvement Event generally spans from 1 to 5 days and involves key process participants focusing on solving a narrowly scoped process improvement opportunity. The difference between Rapid Improvement Events and typical workshops is threefold: The…

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