Nigeria Partners With Japan to Implement Kaizen to Manufacturing Sector

Nigeria Partners with Japan to Implement Kaizen to Manufacturing Sector -

The National Productivity Centre of Nigeria has two goals: boosting economic development and improving the standard of living. By partnering with the Japanese Government, a journey begins in applying Kaizen, hinted by at the 2nd Productivity Promotion Seminar on Application of Japanese KAIZEN Concept for Productivity Improvement in Lagos, Nigeria.

“The ultimate goal of productivity improvement as a driving force of economic development is to enhance the quality of life through creativity, innovation, wealth creation, employment generation and poverty reduction,” Dr. Kashi Akor, Director of the National Productivity Centre shares.

The two companies of focus, Bertola Machine tools and Mouka Ltd, are manufacturing companies whose goals are to begin the process of eliminating unnecessary actions and maximizing the use of existing human and non-human resources.

Yasuhiro Hashimoto, head of Economic and Commercial Section at the Embassy of Japan, shares that “there is no country or organization where Kaizen has failed to improve quality and productivity when properly applied.” He states that Kaizen would serve as an effective and efficient vehicle that would enhance Nigeria’s economic performance. The quest of process improvement begins for Nigeria with Japan as it’s partner to guide the way.

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