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We use SigmaXL and Minitab for our Black Belt Training & Certification course. SigmaXL is compatible with Macs and PCs. Minitab is compatible with PCs only. Green Belt Training & Certification does not require statistical analysis software, but can be added-on as an option.

Please check out our Accreditation page for more information on’s accreditation!

Here are 3 key factors that set us apart from any other provider: Our courses are developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants, trainers and coaches who have helped organizations like Amazon, Charles Schwab, BP, Starwood Hotels & Resorts – and other leading organizations – save hundreds of millions of dollars with Lean Six Sigma. Our body of knowledge

Preparing for your Green Belt Certification exam can be challenging. To help you pass, here’s a sample test which will help you retain your knowledge. Good luck! Disclaimer: Please note that this practice test is exhaustive and not all content asked will be covered on the Green Belt exam. The goal is to ensure you’re well prepared to pass the

The course we recommend is based on your goal. If your goal is to become a Green Belt or Black Belt, you can start with the Green Belt course right away since White Belt and Yellow Belt content is covered in this course. If your goal is to only become a Yellow Belt, then you can take the Yellow Belt

There’s nothing stopping you from initiating a Lean Six Sigma Project at any time. What’s key is choosing the… right scope for your time ability and the organization’s needs Nothing breeds success like success, so start small and get an early win. This will give you practice with the tools and prove to those around you that you’re capable and

Great news! Now you can earn PDUs after completing your Lean Six Sigma Certification! We’ve always offered CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training & Certification, but now you can earn PDUs (Professional Development Units)! Professional Development Units (PDUs) Yellow Belt Training & Certification: 10 PDUs Green Belt Training & Certification: 32 PDUs Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Face-to-face training, depending upon the caliber, that has been customized with organization-specific examples is a great opportunity. If you have the option, then you should attend the workshop and start on a training project during the class. In the best cases, Facilitators provide targeted coaching to guide the launch of small-scoped projects with measurable cost or cycle time savings, although

We want you to have confidence in the quality of our globally recognized Green Belt Training & Certification prior to investing in it – so we’ve made our Yellow Belt Training absolutely free. This allows you to get a feel for our practical approach which ensures you not only know Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools, but that you’re able

summary Summary Template What is a Project Storyboard? Project Storyboards are ready-to-go project overviews. They communicate a success story of process improvement projects and highlight the project as an example of real world application of Lean Six Sigma tools. The Storyboard also shares lessons learned so that others can learn from mistakes and replicate success. Green Belt Storyboard Checklist Download

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