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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Is a Yellow Belt really worth obtaining?

Is a Yellow Belt really worth obtaining? From what I see, most companies are looking for people who are certified Green Belt. Great question and the answer is, “It depends”. If you’re applying for a job where your problem-solving abilities are key and you’ve got the time to invest in Green Belt Training, then I…
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Project Screener -

Project Screener

  What is a Project Screener? The Project Screener will ensure you are working on an appropriate project for your Green Belt Certification. Please download it using the link above. To learn how to use the Project Screener and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our Green Belt Training…

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USS George Washington Sets Sail With Lean Six Sigma -

USS George Washington Sets Sail With Lean Six Sigma

A group of junior enlisted Sailors and senior officers working on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington attended Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training to learn ways they can improve naval practices. "The Navy decided to use [Lean Six Sigma] training to improve workflow due to changes that have occurred…

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3 Levels of a Fix -

3 Levels of a “Fix”

With over 30 years in continuous improvement, I have had the opportunity to hear from and study with a number of truly learned people. In the early 80’s, I was part of what was essentially a Deming User’s group. Through conferences and meetings, I got to meet and learn from…

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Project Scope -

Project Scope (aka Scope)

  What is a Project Scope? The Project Scope has two basic components. The most important is the beginning and end of the process being addressed - the "Start" and "Stop" points - which is most often outlined in the SIPOC. The second part of the project scope addresses what's…

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Team Alignment Diagnostic

What is a Team Alignment Diagnostic? The Team Alignment Diagnostic is a template that guides a process improvement team in assessing how well they are working toward their purpose. The process is to assess team dynamics and then look to goals, roles and procedures to find the root cause of any…

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