Lean Six Sigma News: UC San Diego Extension Gets Efficient, Toyota Gets Visual, Week of January 2, 2017


Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma success stories and news from around the web for the week of January 2, 2017.

Effective & Efficient Results With UC San Diego Extension’s Lean Six Sigma Program

Through the Lean Six Sigma program offered through UC San Diego Extension, students improve inefficiencies in the workplace through problem solving, identifying and removing unnecessary processes, and working as a team to effect change. The winning project from the Spring 2016 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project presentations significantly cut down the average time to process an invoice. This was done by eliminating unnecessary or redundant steps, improving visibility of defects in the invoice process, and improving the client experience and relationships with vendors by accelerating the invoice cycle time.

Read more at UC San Diego Extension.

The Driving Forces in Toyota’s Visual Management

Toyota’s approach to visual management, or Floor Management Display Systems (FMDS), includes the six elements of creating FMDS. Starting with Visual Standards, data and abnormalities should jump out and drive effective meetings to ensure pre-conditions for production. System Priorities drive daily plans and fulfill ideal plans. Section Management drives effective group activity. Group Management recognizes problems and drives improvement at all levels (by coaching/developing talent on the teams). Kaizen/A3 applies coaching. Change Point Management applies job rotation, basic rules and history review.

Read more at Lean Enterprise Institute.

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