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Case Study: How Paymentshield, Leading Insurance Company, Uses Lean Six Sigma To Improve Efficiency By 69% -

Case Study: How Paymentshield, Leading Insurance Company, Uses Lean Six Sigma to Improve Efficiency by 69%

Paymentshield is one of the UK’s leading distributors and administrators of insurance. But after 20 years of success, the leadership team saw an opportunity to improve their already stellar customer service. They challenged the Operational Excellence Coordinator, Diane Leatherbarrow, to make a 10% improvement for their Customer Services department. The…

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Fixing The Budget Crisis In Oklahoma With Lean Six Sigma -

Fixing the Budget Crisis in Oklahoma With Lean Six Sigma

With the rising impact of Oklahoma's current budget situation, Preston Doerflinger, Secretary of Finance and Revenue for Oklahoma, presents a path towards a solution: implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Doerflinger cites process improvement projects within the Oklahoma Pardon, such as reducing docket preparation time from four weeks to three…

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Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma

Industries & Job Functions That Benefit From Lean Six Sigma

  Who benefits from using Lean Six Sigma? Anyone who has problems to solve including: Industries Healthcare Hi-Tech Government Retail Finance Hospitality ...Any industry that has problems to solve!  Functions Customer Service Manufacturing Accounting Operations Sales HR & IT ...All functions that have problems to solve!  Tell us how you…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How can I apply Lean Six Sigma to reduce queries in a banking sector?

In using the term “queries”, I am assuming these are questions or issues coming to the bank from key customer service access points, such as call centers or visiting a branch. At a high level, you would follow the following steps, which demonstrate a simplified PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check/Study, Act): BRIEFLY describe the problem…
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