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Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma news from around the web for the week of October 6, 2014.

FBOD Employees Celebrate with A3 Fair

The Finance and Business Operations Division (FBOD) in King County, Washington celebrated one year of learning about the Lean A3 problem solving tool. To honor the learning around the tool, an “A3 Fair” was held and the eight A3s were featured. The eight A3s displayed how numerous county business processes are improving. FBOD employees also expressed enthusiasm about how the A3 has helped them bridge communication challenges with their co-workers and with other departments.

Six Sigma Helps Feed More Kids In Government Schools

Akshaypatra, an NGO that provides food for mid-day meals to government schools and government-aided schools across Gujarat, has added around 1,000 more students to its program in Surat without incurring any extra costs. Akshaypatra, which runs its kitchen in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat, implemented Six Sigma in the kitchen in Surat. Preparing 1.75 lakh chapatis in seven hours now happens in four hours!

Digital Brand Quality: Design Is Improving

“Apple, Costco, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, and General Electric each delivers product coveted by large customer segments” (Page, Dave). These are champion brands and with the use of Lean Six Sigma, they are able to create consistent customer experiences. Design and performance are two halves to the digital product and service excellence. Dave Page believes design is in the lead and that performance should implement quality process models, too.

Jurija Metovic

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