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Webinar: How Leaders Use A3s To Coach Employees -

Webinar: How Leaders Use A3s to Coach Employees

The A3 is for more than just documenting your project. They also serve as a coaching tool for leaders. A3s help leaders see their team's problem-solving muscle at work. As employees become better problem-solvers, the problem-solving maturity manifests in A3s. Webinar Level Leadership Agenda In this 1-hour Leadership webinar, we'll explore: What the A3 is…

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Grand Daddt Of Quality - John Shook -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: John Shook

He’s in Lean. He’s all Shook up! Musical puns aside, John Shook recently did a good job of connecting Lean to Baseball which ties together two of America’s favorite past times. Okay, Lean my not have risen to “favorite” yet, but John Shook is working on it! We don’t actually…

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New: Single Modules To Quickly Skill-Up! -

Single Modules to Quickly Skill-Up!

Good things come in small packages - that's why we created Single Modules for you! When you don't have the time or the need for the entire Green Belt Training, these "one-topic" training modules provide simple, compact alternatives that average about 1 hour. Skill-up and register for a few today!…

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Today’s Top 7 (or 8…) Quality Tools

Traditionally, everyone in the process improvement world references the Seven Basic Quality Tools which were promoted by Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa back in the 1950s. Dr. Ishikawa was influenced by Dr. Deming, another quality great, and these are still a very good set of quality tools. But times have changed and…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

What is A3 problem solving?

A3 problem-solving is a methodology to conduct root cause analysis. Specifically, A3 is the name of an 11 x 17 piece of paper, the international paper size. This document size is typically used to document the process, and where the name of the tool came from.

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