With cycle times slashed by 15%, the production lines experienced a surge in volume. Overtime costs dwindled and the company fortified its position as a center of excellence in the automotive technology landscape.
In the fast-paced world of automotive manufacturing, increasing productivity is an ongoing challenge. At Piston Automotive, one such challenge is increasing jobs completed per hour while minimizing barcode scan failures.

Our learners deliver results. Jeff Owens, a Black Belt and Quality Manager from Texas, reduces costs from Bent/Scratched/Damaged (BSD) scrap for building envelopes by 76%.  Jeff’s success with Lean Six Sigma jump started the organization’s Lean Six Sigma effort, helping them build momentum towards additional improvements. Check out the Project Builder for this Manufacturing Project Example Executive Summary Business Case The flawed

In a recent blog by Mark Reich, Senior Coach for the Lean Enterprise Institute, he harps on an experience circa 1994 where he reminisces on a life-long lesson on how a do-first mentality can bring more value to improving a process than coaching advice. With no engineering experience, Reich, an English major in college, was thrusted into a role where

GLSS Green Belt James Fuhrman’s project involved increasing first run parts from 60% to 90% within two months. This project achieved 87% within the aggressive schedule while dramatically reducing manufacturing lead time.
GLSS Green Belt Jared Krehel’s Project Storyboard illustrates the project team’s success reducing lead time in a process delivering customer replacement parts.

The National Productivity Centre of Nigeria has two goals: boosting economic development and improving the standard of living. By partnering with the Japanese Government, a journey begins in applying Kaizen, hinted by at the 2nd Productivity Promotion Seminar on Application of Japanese KAIZEN Concept for Productivity Improvement in Lagos, Nigeria. “The ultimate goal of productivity improvement as a driving force

At Celestica Inc., an electronics manufacturing services company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, top-down safety continues to stay at the forefront of focus for it’s 1,800 employees. “Our biggest challenge is continuous improvement. We are always looking for better ways of working and keeping our people in safe hands,” exclaims HR Manager, Gian Detta Colli. Since developing the Daily Safety Kaizen

Inside of a morning workshop at a Bosch Rexroth hydraulic plant in Charlotte, N.C., leaders prepare their pitch to senior plant leaders and the local Lean project coordinator. In an effort to foster collaboration, the engineering firm takes a Shark Tank approach, where panelists ask questions and consider their options before deliberating and choosing what they’ll go forward with and

A team of Millikin University MBA students collaborated with Caterpillar Inc. in an effort to learn about process improvement. After 18 weeks of classwork, the team got together with Caterpillar senior staff to take a deeper look at the company processes. Using Six Sigma, the team broke down and analyzed how things were done in an effort to improve the

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