Lean Six Sigma News: Continued Growth And Empowerment, Week Of September 7, 2015

Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma success stories and news from around the web for the week of September 7, 2015.

Visual Marking Systems Putting Wraps On Continued Growth

Visual Marking Systems (VMS) is committed to quality, sustainability, customer service, and fair pricing. These commitments have boosted the 100+ employee team to a leading position among many other providers of product branding and identification products. VMS is considered a Lean manufacturing company and they apply Six Sigma throughout their daily operations to reduce Waste and production times. VMS continues to grow and they plan on staying on their “lean and mean” path.

Lean Six Sigma Training Paves Path For Employee Engagement, Empowerment

When you want to figure out the issues that contribute to downtime in your workplace, where do you look to find them? Where do you go to first? No one knows the process or machinery better than the employees running them so make sure you’re looking there first! Samantha Kaplan, director of quality and continuous improvement at the Corporate College division of Cuyahoga Community College shares that Lean Six Sigma is a “tool kit” and it’s the same across all industries. The difference is how those tools are “used and tailored to each specific organization, its processes, and its resources.”

What Is “Push” And “Pull” Distribution?

In this blog, Senior Manager, David Ross, discusses Push and Pull distribution. David Ross writes that distribution channels consist of two basic flows. “There are basically two ways to replenish inventory in a distribution channel: push or pull.” Ross also goes on to discuss and further review push and pull in his next blog.


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