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Podcast: Avoid The Advice Trap And Become A Better Leader, Featuring Michael Bungay Stanier -

Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 62 – Avoid the Advice Trap and Become a Better Leader, Featuring Michael Bungay Stanier

Beware the Advice Monster! That's good coaching advice from this month's guest—best-selling author Michael Bungay Stanier. Elisabeth interviews the king of wit and clarity, while sneaking a peek at his upcoming book, The Advice Trap. Tune in for some saucy pearls of wisdom! For Survey Says, we'll discover where our…

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Best Books To Buy:

Best Books to Buy: “Getting Service Right” by Jeff Toister

This month’s book is Getting Service Right: Overcoming the Hidden Obstacles to Outstanding Customer Service by Jeff Toister. About the Book: “I believe the fundamental mission for every customer service leader is to help their employees serve customers at the highest level. This involves identifying and removing the obstacles that…

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Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 47 - Plan-Do...Walk-Away? Avoiding The Perils Of Lean, Featuring Mohamed Saleh -

Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 47 – Plan-Do…Walk-Away? Avoiding the Perils of Lean, Featuring Mohamed Saleh

For Today's Special check out Elisabeth's interview with Lean Sensei Mohamed Saleh of Hartford Healthcare in Connecticut. Aside from being a great guy, he shares rare wisdom on how smart leaders drive successful Lean Transformation. For Survey Says we're looking for your feedback on our Just-In-Time Cafe podcast. For our…

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